Monday, December 13, 2010

Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Soil: Summation included honor killings in its thorough listing of terrorist attacks around the world (and in the U.S.), so I have included them, as well. If we call into question attacks made by Muslims against their family members for perceived or real religious violations and erase them from the list, we still have twenty-six separate terrorist attacks perpetrated by Muslims or Muslim-sympathizers in America between 2002 and 2010. That averages out to more than three acts of terrorism each year. None of these assaults rivals the 9-11-01 atrocities, yet they are examples of terrorism all the same, and should be characterized as such.

The oft-bandied term "Sudden Jihad Syndrome" springs to mind, as it is a sly recognition of the one common element in all these disparate cases: Islam as a motivating force.

The establishment media would have you believe that coincidence explains Nidal Hassan's screeching "Allahu Akbar!" just before gunning down a slew of people at Ft. Hood, that a rare alignment of the planets -- not his admiration for Osama bin Laden -- reveals why a teenage boy crashed a plane into a building in a suicidal act of destruction, and that perhaps Elvis was just as inspirational as Islam, when a Muslim murdered a Jew for no apparent reason outside religious enmity at a movie theater.

But those of us who are well-read and informed about Islam's 1,400-year war against Western civilization, against anything not subservient to itself -- a war waged continuously since its inception in the 600s A.D. -- we know better.

We're not discussing a static problem. We're examining a dilemma that grows in magnitude with the thousands and tens of thousands of Muslims who immigrate -- legally or illegally -- to the U.S. each year. They bring their non-assimilation and their virulently chauvinistic religion with them; they don't check either at the door. We now have dicey issues in our backyard with which we must contend that were unheard of twenty years ago: mosques in the Bible-belt, Islamic terrorism, demands for the institution of sharia, foot baths and Porn-O-matics and getting felt up by strangers in airports, insistence on halal butchers and restaurants, the list goes on. How can we expect solutions when the people who create these alien obstacles increase their presence on our shores every single day?

Our elitist "leaders" have a commitment to multiculturalism and its attendant "diversity" and political correctness that guarantees no fix, but in fact an escalation: an increase in the number and audacity of terrorist attacks, a broadening of Muslim demands of the government and the citizenry, and an expansion of the Balkan states built on our lands under the blind and permissive eyes of those whose duty is our protection.

Islam is an existential threat to our nation, but only with our consent. The ummah lacks the power to defeat us in a conventional war, so they've opted for the unconventional war: immigration, terrorism, and propaganda. What they cannot accomplish on a field of battle will be won in manipulating the judicial system, or proselytization, or lobbying groups that paint happy faces over every bomb-vest, or protests and riots in the streets.

As Edmund Burke said: "All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing." For Islam's victory, all the powers that be have to do is keep the status quo, to continue playing the game of pretend that all men everywhere have the same values and loves and loyalties, that's there's no difference between a Bedouin and a Brooklynite, or a jihadi and Julia Child.

It's as if we're caught in a waking nightmare, a nightmare whose lurking shadow grows in its menace toward us. But how do we dispel the monsters that people its umbra if we refuse to wake up?

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