Sunday, December 12, 2010

Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Soil: 2009 - 2010


1. Buffalo, NY. The founder of a Muslim TV station beheads his wife in the hallway for seeking a divorce. 2-12-09

2. Little Rock, AR. A Muslim with 'religious motives' guns down a local soldier in a drive-by attack. One other injured. 6-1-09

3. Glendale, AZ. A woman dies from injuries suffered when her father runs her down with a car for being too 'Westernized.' 11-2-09

4. Ft. Hood, TX. A Muslim psychiatrist yelling 'Allah Akbar' murders thirteen unarmed U.S. soldiers on their base in Texas, including a pregnant woman. Thirty-one injured. 11-5-09

5. Binghamton, NY. A non-Muslim Islamic studies professor is stabbed to death by a Muslim grad student in revenge for 'persecuted' Muslims. 12-4-09


1. Marquette Park, IL. After quarrelling with his wife over Islamic dress, a Muslim convert shoots his family members to 'take them back to Allah' and out of the 'world of sinners'. Five killed, two injured. 4-14-10

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