Friday, July 30, 2010

Mel in a Handbasket

Here's a transcript of Mel Gibson's latest telephone conversation with Oksana Golddiggereva, the mother of his "love" child. WARNING: Nonsense ahead. Reader discretion is advised:

Mel: "You may take my money, but you'll never take . . . my soul!"

Oksana: "Are you insane-sky?"

Mel: "#!@%$">#!@%$/a>^&;*()."

Oksana: "You need medication."

Mel: "(&;%#!)*^$@."

Oksana: "And a muzzle."

Mel: "@$^*)+_(&;%#!."

Oksana: "Could you repeat last part? Everything after @$^*)."

Mel: "I said, "@$^*)+_(&;%#!."

Oksana: "Oh, I see. I always wondered how to do that."

Mel: "!@#$%^&*()_++_)(*&^%$#@!!@#$%^&*()_+_)(*&^%$#@!"

Oksana: "You complete me, too, Max -- uh, I mean Mel. Anyhoo-sky, boyfriend's crying, and needs changing. Or maybe burping. Conchita will take good care of daughter while I'm gone to Riviera with Fabio. I'll be independently wealthy in no time, this you must understand."

Mel: "!#%&(_+)*^$@!_@)(#($*%&%^!"

Oksana: "Mel, there's sucker born every minute. As beautiful Russian woman, is duty to drain every last ruble from accounts, like Yeltsin depleted Vodka supply, nyet? Toodlesky."

Mel: @$^*)+_(&%#!@$^*)+_(&%#!@$^*)+_(&%#!@$^*)+_(&%#!@$^*)+_(&%#!@$^*)+_(&%#!@$!!@@##$$%%^^&&***^$@!#%&*(^%$#@!"

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Breaking the Laws Americans Won't Break

This article discusses the problem of illegal aliens accessing military bases -- in this case Fort Huachuca, Arizona, which serves as the country's largest military intelligence training center. A cleaning company contracted for work on the base employed illegal aliens. When authorities raided the company's offices, they discovered that

". . . one of the ladies was hiding her Mexican I.D. in an enchilada, trying to conceal the identification . . ."

This is called living the stereotype, folks. My understanding is that fifteen other Mexicans piled into a Pinto and made a run for it, but later were captured applying for in-state tuition discounts at Quesadilla State College, in Phoenix.

In 2007, the Washington Times reported Fort Huachuca changed security measures "after sources warned that possibly 60 Afghan and Iraqi terrorists were to be smuggled into the U.S. through underground tunnels with high-powered weapons to attack the Arizona Army base."

An FBI advisory stated, "A portion of the operatives were in the United States, with the remainder not yet in the United States. The Afghanis and Iraqis shaved their beards so as not to appear to be Middle Easterners."

According to the report, illegal aliens from the Middle East paid Mexican drug lords $20,000 "or the equivalent in weapons" for smuggling them and their weapons through the tunnels.

One source who spoke with DEA intelligence agents said the weapons included two Milan anti-tank missiles, Soviet-made surface-to-air missiles, grenade launchers, long guns and handguns.

The Tucson Weekly reported one rancher just west of Fort Huachuca answered his door in 2004 when a female illegal alien asked to use his phone.

According to the report, the call was to Libya.

As WND recently reported, thousands of illegal aliens apprehended along the 2,000 mile border stretching through California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas aren't even from Mexico. Many are citizens of countries that are known sponsors of terrorism, including Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan, Syria and Iran.

Thinking hurts. Logic particularly is painful. So sit back, exhale, and repeat after me. I'm sure you remember our mantra:

"We gotta fight 'em over thar, so we ain't gotta fight 'em over hee-yar!"

Gosh, I feel better now.

100 Classic Sci-Fi and Horror Movies You Can Watch Online -- Free

Here's the link.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Did Y'all Miss Me?

I've been away for a few days, due to having a friend from out of town in for a visit.

Here's an interesting interview about race realities to tide you over until I can post something of greater length and substance:

Race realist Jared Taylor declares the "civil rights struggle was won long ago"

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Skipping Stones on Lethe's Waters

A poster calling himself "Uber Dawks" has exchanged emails with Vox Day, in which he champions the idea of dragging "Christards" -- a hallmark epithet of intellectual rigor -- "kicking and screaming from the Dark Ages into the modern secular age, whether you like it or not."

Below are my thoughts posted in the comments section, as well as additional observations:

PZ afraid to debate you? Why should he debate delusional fundies like you? You wanna know why he doesn't have to? Courtier's reply. All you Christards have to contribute is philosophical flatulation about your phony baloney sky daddy.

I never understand questions like this. PZ is one of many militant atheists who proselytizes his faithlessness to the world. His claim to fame is his opposition to religion -- particularly Christianity. He wants people to throw off their religious blinders, flee the shadow thrown by their "phoney baloney sky daddy," and stride into the bright klieg lights of atheism.

Yet it never occurs to PZ or Uber Dawks that crushing a "fundie" with a large audience like Vox in an open, honest debate might accomplish exactly that.

Isn't the goal winning converts to atheism? Especially if all this requires is defeating some ignorant "fundie" who isn't fit to lick Richard Dawkins' boots?

If the answer is "Yes," then Uber Dawks has his answer as to why PZ and others like him should participate in such debates.

You have no objective proof of god's existence at all. I challenge anyone on your site to give me one thing -- one tiny piece of objective evidence for god that cannot be better and more fully explained by natural science.

How does one provide "objective" evidence of God's existence to an atheist? Am I expected to believe that someone who is closed to the possibility of God -- who made this decision, not based on evidence, but arrogance -- who doesn't even comprehend the conventional definitions of "objective" or "evidence" -- who changes the meanings of words to suit his agenda, sometimes multiple times within a single conversation -- will magically change his mind and become a theist?

Now I understand what is meant by "blind faith."

Best of luck. When you die, you pass into nonexistence. That's it. Get over your fairy tales now and do something worthwhile like help save the environment.

Filed under the heading, "Optimism." Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow, we die. Our souls do not travel through the aether and into Heaven, dwelling forever with the Lord. Nope. They plummet downward to the Earth, where they pass into Oblivion. Just like that of the lowly cockroach or nightcrawler. How appealing. How egalitarian.

Of course, Uber Dawks offers no explanation for why I should give a Gaian Gorebasm about the environment. Even if I live to a ripe old age and die of natural causes, chances are that environmental degradation won't progress to the point of affecting me to a significant degree. Unless I'm killed by an angry, naked-pink polar bear for imbalancing Mother Earth's chi.

"But what about posterity?!" Uber Dawks might cry. "It's for the children!"

Hello, my name is Wes, and I'm in Oblivion. Remember? I won't care, because I won't know, and soon you'll share my obliviousness. In a few short decades, posterity will join me in my atomic dispersion. Forty-leven zillion years** from now, so will the Earth.

If we can sum up atheism in one word, that word is "futility." There is no transcendancy of meaning. Meaning is personal, and varies from one individual to another. Thus a concise, accurate description of "meaning" within the atheist framework is one that requires subjectivity and contradiction.

So in honor of atheist logic, let me reveal a new rallying cry for our sophisticated secular age:

"Embrace nihilism, BUT save a whale!"

** I believe this is the proper scientific timeframe, as calculated by the evolutionarily elevated.

Monday, July 5, 2010

"Hey, Pancho, Pass the Grey Poupon."

The Obama administration is looking to change the way illegal aliens are housed in America by giving them a kinder, gentler, "Club Fed" resort-style life of luxury complete with art classes, movie nights, bingo, e-mail, unmonitored phone lines, continental breakfast, hanging plants and fresh carrot sticks.

An internal Immigration and Customs Enforcement e-mail dated May 27 revealed many "low-risk" illegal-alien detainees will also enjoy "free movement," "relaxed security measures," elimination of "lockdowns" and expanded visiting hours, the
Houston Chronicle reported.

And every Friday means opera night -- conducted in Spanish, of course, for Sergio's listening and viewing pleasure. After that, it's boat drinks on the deck of the U.S.S. Aztlan, snorkling in the Caribbean, and caviar and Chardonnay under swaying palms.

Remember, the people instituting these asinine policies are the same ones who assure us that our detention facilities don't have the inmate capacity or enough beds to house all these art connoisseurs.

According to the report, ICE officials said the makeover is part of a larger effort to make immigration detention less penal and more humane.

Heaven forfend that we treat criminals like criminals. Why, the mere thought makes my truffles back up. However, since I now know that "penal" is a synonym for "inhumane," I suppose I'll get over it.

Beth Gibson, ICE senior counselor to Assistant Secretary John Morton and a leader of the detention-center overhaul, told the Chronicle ICE is seeking to detain illegals in the least restrictive manner possible while making certain that they leave the country if ordered to do so.

"When people come to our custody, we're detaining them to effect their removal," she said. "It's about deportation. It's not about punishing people for a crime they committed."

Then why detain or deport them? This liar is pretending that illegal aliens are not committing crimes by effecting illegal entry. Eligibility for deportation means that you are a criminal, by definition. Federal law allows a penalty of up to six months in prison for the first offense, and up to twenty years for the second.

It doesn't get more anti-American than a deliberate policy of treating foreign invaders better than U.S. citizens. But given that we have a president who harbors a rank hatred for all things American -- a hatred that saturates the warp and woof of his every statement or decision -- should this come as a surprise?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Independence Day

My plan is to spend the evening at my brother's house, with a belly full of hamburgers and hotdogs. We always do health food on holidays.

How will you spend your July 4th?

Western Films: Summation

To reiterate, this was a list of only films that I have seen, so it cannot be considered a comprehensive listing of the best westerns ever made.

As you've probably detected, I'm a huge fan of John Wayne. However, I think I'm being objective in saying that, if one made a list of the top fifty westerns ever filmed, half would star John Wayne. He was in one great film after another in this genre.

I didn't include pre-1930s westerns, as I have viewed precisely none.

Please feel free in mentioning other westerns not already on the list that you find deserving of merit.

Happy trails!

Here's the original list:

Western Films: The 1930s

Western Films: The 1940s

Western Films: The 1950s

Western Films: The 1960s

Western Films: The 1970s

Western Films: The 1980s

Western Films: The 1990s

Western Films: The 2000s

Friday, July 2, 2010

Western Films: The 1930s

1. The Big Trail (1930)

2. Destry Rides Again (1939)

3. Dodge City (1939)

4. Drums Along the Mohawk (1939)

5. Stagecoach (1939)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Western Films: The 1940s

1. The Dark Command (1940)

2. The Westerner (1940)

3. The Ox-Bow Incident (1943)

4. My Darling Clementine (1946)

5. Angel and the Badman (1947)

6. Fort Apache (1948)

7. Red River (1948)

8. Three Godfathers (1948)

9. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948)

10. She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (1949)