Thursday, September 30, 2010

Blood in the Streets . . . If You Don't Meet Our Every Demand

I don't see a marked difference between this:

Without world support for establishing an independent Palestine, President Obama warned the United Nations General Assembly today that "more blood will be shed" and "Palestinians will never know the pride and dignity that comes with their own state."

And this:

Ground Zero imam issues veiled threat: if mega-mosque isn't built, "anger will explode in the Muslim world"

Both are indirect threats of violence or continued violence absent complete capitulation to an enemy.

The Inner Nerd Shines Through

What goes better together than Star Trek and zombies?

WARNING: Not for the squeamish. If you feel faint at the sight of fake blood, I'd skip this one. Also, the Cheese Alert is at Level Limburger.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

To: Michelle; Love, Barack

*Sung to the tune of "Hey Soul Sister," by Train

Hey, hey, hey

Your Jheri curl
Really rocks my little
Insulated world.
I never could forget you
From that ACLU

Your sweet tooth gleam
Like a shark’s, it's the
Sleekest thing I’ve seen.
But oh, how it excites me,
When that maw invites me
To fall right in.

Hey soul sista
From another mista
You’re a socialist, Communist,
I’m gonna make you an Obamunist.
Hey soul sista
I don’t wanna miss
A single bicep curl you do

Hey, hey, hey

Just in time
I found a girl with an
Agenda just like mine.
She gave my life direction,
Helped out in my election,
And now she’s proud.

I’m so obsessed
Your sleeveless shirts give me a
Cardiac arrest.
I believe in you
You’re Antoinette, a prima donna,
And you always wanna blow my mind.

Hey soul sista
From another mista
You look like the Hulk, with that shoulder-bulk.
Won’t mess with you when you sulk.
Hey soul sista
I don’t wanna miss
A single deltoid press you do

The way you throw barbells around
Looks like you’re the only game in town.
I know you’re down with the halfway brown,
When you polish up my little crown.

With you, folks know I’m Heaven-sent.
Got unilateral consent.
Chicago thug acting like a gent:
Real high maintenance; real low rent.

Hey soul sista
From another mista
You’re a socialist, Communist,
I’m glad that you’re an Obamunist.
Hey soul sista
I just wanna kiss ya
Can you please bench-press me

Friday, September 24, 2010

Ain't Love Grand?

It seems that country singer LeAnn Rimes has chosen infamy over propriety, as many stars of the entertainment industry are wont to do. After cheating on her husband with a married man, this is what she had to share with all the little people:

"I understand why people are disappointed in me, especially since I grew up as America's sweetheart. I think any relationship is hard to get out of, and I don't think the way I did it was right," she reveals.

"It wasn't a fulfilling marriage for either of us," she tells the magazine. "As we got older, we grew apart."

See, growing apart means hopping into another man's bed.

Rimes and Sheremet's marriage began to fully unravel amidst rumors she was secretly dating actor Eddie Cibrian, who was also married.

Back in 2009, Cibrian tried to fight back against claims that he was having an affair with Rimes after they were caught on film from the restaurant's security cameras. The images show the pair kissing during a date at a Laguna Beach, California restaurant.

Later Rimes admitted she and Cibrian became friends while shooting the made-for-TV movie 'Northern Lights,' and it wasn't until many months later that their relationship "tipped over."

"It was very emotionally driven," Rimes told PEOPLE in June. "I never once thought what I was doing was okay."

"It wasn't right. It wasn't okay. But I did it anyway."

Sheremet and Rimes attempted to fix their marriage after news of her affair broke, but the pair finally concluded, "It wasn't a marriage that fulfilled either one of us." Rimes and Sheremet ended their 7-year marriage and the divorce was finalized in December 2009.

Cibrian was also married at the time; he and model Brandi Glanville married in 2002 and have two sons together. They too filed for divorce last year.

"I take responsibility for everything I've done," LeAnn told PEOPLE. "I hate that people got hurt. But I don't regret the outcome.

"I wasn't fulfilled." Don't you hate that expression? I despise it. You weren't fulfilled, so you cheated on your husband. Nice to know that your marriage was all about you.

I think it's marvellous that she betrayed her husband with a married man, and has zero regrets for the outcome. And what was that outcome? Why, here it is:

Rimes and Cibrian are currently in a committed relationship and currently live together in Los Angeles.

So we have two marriages destroyed, one of which involved children. Now the two home wreckers live together in a "committed relationship" -- at least until they begin feeling unfulfilled, and commence schtupping someone else, preferably someone married, thank you.

Here's the icing on the cake:

"I feel like I'm just now finding myself," Rimes continued. "I've always been one of those people who takes care of everyone else--and their needs--first. This past year, for the first time ever, I put me first. I'm sure some people are thinking that I was totally selfish, but the truth is, there are times in your life when you have to be selfish in order to find out what truly makes you happy."

Though the infidelity drama is in her past, she realizes "there are lessons in it for me to learn" and that the "most important thing" is "cultivating strength from rough situations." As she tells Shape, "After going through this, I know I can face anything."

Can you imagine being this amoral? She's just now "finding herself." What the heck does that mean? I've heard this moronic, insipid expression gibbered on the movie screen, in celebrity interviews, and even in books, and I have yet to comprehend its meaning. You were finding yourself? Were you lost? If you'd pull your head out of your own backside, the world might prove a brighter place. Then you wouldn't have to look for yourself, like someone lost in a deep maze of caverns without a flashlight.

Of course, the story doesn't quote the skank's husband, so we have no idea if he also was unfulfilled in their relationship, or if her backstabbing ruined his life. However, it's nice knowing that after shafting her husband, she has learned lessons, grown stronger, and now can face anything.

It seems that her life philosophy is:

I am woman! Here me whore!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

It Tickled My Funny Bone

In response to a post at Vox Popoli about the UK's taxation scheming, a commenter named Crispy offered this:

Kneel, Brittania!
Give Revenue your pay:
Britons now and ever after are their slaves!

Ha! Ha! Well-done.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Need Help?

I saw a billboard yesterday that said:

Need help? Call Jesus.


Out of curiosity I did.

A Mexican showed up with a tow truck.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Betrayal as Commiseration

In a speech at the Pentagon today, Obama made this forceful statement:

"As Americans, we will not or ever be at war with Islam."


First, his observation is a lie. Muslims are at war with us, whether we like or acknowledge it, or not. As I've said before, Islamic ambitions do not dissipate because we ignore them. This clash of cultures is a war that we will not win, unless we as a civilization face facts. Nor is the situation static. Each year, tens of thousands of Muslims freely enter our country -- some illegally, most under the auspices of current law. The problem isn't going away. It only will become worse, without a serious reevaluation of our supposed nondiscriminatory (or should I say non discreet) worldview.

Second, his claim reeks of gnostic arrogance. Obama has a little over two years left in office. No doubt he'll spend that time building the socialist edifice, brick by brick. And afterwards? What happens five, ten, fifteen, twenty years down the road? Has Obama built a time machine? Can he see into the future? Has the question of how he knows that we won't fall into a war with Islam in the future never occurred to him? Or is it that he assumes that the American people are too stupid for it ever to occur to them?

Third, Obama has insulted the victims of 9/11/01 and their families and friends. Obama's deceitful arrogance would have been wrong at any time, but saving it for this day of mourning and remembrance particularly is despicable. It's like a thumb in the eye for no reason. Why didn't he just have a televised event of himself urinating on the graves of the dead?

Fourth, his declaration constitutes a defense of Islam and Muslims. On the day commemorating the murders of 3,000 innocent people, Obama assures adherents of the terrorists' religion that we are not at war with them, and never will be at war with them. This exemplifies giving aid and comfort to the enemy, as many of those whom he reassures were moral and material supporters of the jihad attack. Remember Muslims dancing in the streets and handing out candy, the world over, as if celebrating a universal Mardi Gras? Those are the people whom we are not fighting, and will not fight, according to Obama.

I see nothing presidential, here. I detect not a whit of leadership. I sense no evidence of patriotism in his remark.

How can a man distill so much evil and so much dishonor into one, small utterance? In twelve words, he lied, exhibited arrogance and disdain for the American people, spat upon the wronged innocent, and defended the indefensible.

He is a master of the art of treachery.

Koranic Cowardice Part II

See Part I

Favorite Muslim pastimes:

  • burning pictures and photos of George W. Bush.
  • burning Bush in effigy.
  • burning Holy Bibles and copies of the Torah and Talmud.
  • burning churches and synagogues, or turning them into mosques.
  • burning American flags.
  • burning Christians to death in Africa by hanging tires around their necks and setting them on fire.
  • calling for the deaths of Christians and the "Great Satan" (the U.S.A.) and the "Little Satan" (Israel)
  • siding with the Nazis in their "Final Solution" for the Jews.

The list goes on, ad nauseum. Around the globe, violence is at its most explosive -- no pun intended -- where Muslims rub shoulders with non-Muslims.

No one receives tolerance for his beliefs. Muslims are the most intolerant people on Earth. They brook no compromise. They show no respect for other religions and their scriptures.

Despite worldwide Islamic campaigns of terrorism and other violence waged against non-Muslims every single day, the world heaves a collective sigh and says: "Ah, well, that's just the way they are. We must accept their differences. We are superior to the uncivilized of old. We know that multiculturalism is the key to enlightenment."

Or some such nonsense.

But let the pastor of a small church in Florida propose burning a Koran on September 11 as a statement against Islam's evil and destructive influence, and the gates of Hell will not prevail against the great caterwauling that rises up and up into the firmament forever. I've never seen anything like it. Suddenly people who said "que sera sera," or held no opinions about the aforementioned atrocities are frothing at the mouth at the unmitigated gall of those demonic fundies in Florida. They should be praying toward Mecca, not burning a Koran!

We have "General" Betraeus, Scared-a Palin, Glenn Yeck, Lizardy Clintoon, and even Rat Buchanan screeching that we might hurt Ahmad Jihad's feeeeeelings. We have the Florida church's ISP removing its website from the Internet. We see the City of Gainesville denying them a burn permit. See, if they were Muslims, they'd get permission to take a flamethrower to the place. And on and on the moronics go. This is sick stuff.

Given that a host of people want a piece of the Koran-burning denunciation while remaining apathetic or silent in the face of decades of Islamic aggression and flagrant mockery, I can draw only one conclusion:

This zealotry in Islam's defense isn't about doing the right thing. It isn't about showing respect for other religions. This isn't about refraining from wanton offensiveness. It's not about utilizing one's freedom of speech responsibly.

It's about fear -- fear of upsetting the Sacred Other, fear of rocking the diversity boat, and fear of waking up in a puddle of one's own blood.

What does our so-called leadership's and commentariat's anxiety say about their dedication to liberty? What does it say about our will to survive as a people?

Koranic Cowardice

Does Pastor Jones have a right to burn a privately-owned Koran on private property? Yes.

Do I agree with Pastor Jones' decision to sear a Koran on the 'barbie? Yes.

I have read Dove World Outreach Center's detailed rationale for burning a Koran, and I find the explanation intelligent and reasonable. It is a political and a religious statement, and one of far greater clarity than anything issuing from the mouths of most politicians or jabbering heads on tv. One may accuse Jones and his congregation of many faults, but mindless, kneejerk hate is not one of them.

Since Dove World's ISP pulled their website -- ever a fine tactic when shaping public opinion toward the notion that opposing Islam is mere bigotry or kookery -- we must forgive a strange messageboard where the Church's statement of intention now is posted. I'll never look at Garfield the same way again.

I am disgusted by the rank cowardice on display from liberals and "conservatives," who see keeping the savages appeased as one of their chief societal aims. I loathe this Neville Chamberlain-esque capitulation, wherein we are told to keep petting the starving tiger, hoping for a purr, even as the rumblings in his belly move him to rend and tear and devour us.

General David Petraeus -- a man who no doubt would find himself more comfortable at a sewing circle -- clamped his teeth together and kept them from chattering long enough to inform us that Jones will "inflame public opinion and incite violence."

I'm sorry, is this some form of sick joke? Is Petraeus serious? Hey, General: given the close association of your head and your nethers, this probably hasn't occured to you: your words are an admission of defeat. You have just encapsulated in one hysterical soundbite why having troops in Iraq and Afghanistan is as productive as Stephen Hawking at a logging camp. If we accept the view that the pastor of a small church in Florida is endangering the lives of U.S. troops in the Middle East by burning his personal Koran in an act of symbolic political and religious speech, then the "winning of Muslim hearts and minds" is a lost cause. It's a mission that had zero chance of success from the start. What this reveals is that Muslims are an untameable tribe of barbarians -- united by religion -- bent on destroying civilizations and forcing everyone not of their clique into conforming with their ideals. Islam means "submission," and Muslims mean you. All of the sweat, blood, and tears poured out in Iraq and Afghanistan were wasted. All of the lives lost and the bodies broken were spent in a quixotic endeavor. From this point onward, we should dub all efforts in the Middle East "Operation: Windmill." This is not the position of a warrior. It is not the stand of a leader. Petraeus' complaint is the hand-wringing of a captive willingly baring his neck to the blade's edge. His comportment is disgraceful. It is the act of a dhimmi.

Petraeus should have kept his mouth shut, instead of stoking the flame while complaining about the heat. In media silence, he should have increased the military's watchfulness -- doubled the guard, so to speak -- and embarked upon a policy of meeting elevated jihadi violence with overwhelming, crushing force. "Staying the course" means not acquiescing to threats and intimidation from moral monsters; it does not mean smearing the reputations of those engaged in lawful acts, while giving those who would see us dead or enslaved a pass.

I do not agree with the Iraq or Afghanistan campaigns. I have explicated my reasons in past blog posts. I believe we should bring our good men and women home and leave those devils to their hell. Pray for their eternal souls, of course. Witness to them, if given a chance. But under no circumstances should we remain under the penumbra of illusion that Muslims value liberty as we understand it, or have esteem for our ideals. They are an ideologically foreign people with a worldview wholly incompatible with ours.

In their eyes, we are the aliens.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Defeating Islamic Terrorism and Expansionism in America

The following is a possible contender for the most politically incorrect blog post you've ever read. Let me warn everyone right now that if you believe that Islam is a Religion of Peace, support unrestricted immigration, or know in your heart that diversity is an elevated societal ambition, I suggest that you take this opportunity and locate the door. I mean it, because you will find yourself at the comfort level of Muhammad in a hog waller. I've said it. You've read it. Now on with the hate-mongering.

Here is my plan for solving the Islamic problem in the U.S.A. :

1. Acknowledge, as a society, that Islam is not now -- nor has it ever been -- a peaceful religion, from the time of its founding 1,400 years ago, to this day. Admit that Islam is not just a religion, but a political ideology, and that the two stand intertwined, with no chance of unraveling. Accept that Islam poses an existential threat to Western Civilization -- a threat that, left unchecked, promises the destruction of our way of life. Islam's untrammeled menace has three possible outcomes: death, forced conversion, or enslavement under a shadow of Islamic supremacy. Abjurement of multiculturalism is the ideal; but even the retention of multiculturalism in other areas with the recognition of Islam's perils is superior to our current outlook, and a step in the right direction.

2. Close and secure our borders. And I don't mean playing pretend while doing diddlysquat, as per the sterling example of George W. Bush. And I don't mean doing even less than Bush's nothing, as per Obama's illustrious policies. I mean lock down the northern and southern borders, with particular emphasis in the south. Increase security of our coasts, with more boat and air patrols, and tighten the cinch around our ports. This entails America owning and operating her own ports. Not Dubai. And not Al-Killya. This is known as minimal common sense.

3. End Islamic immigration to the United States, whether from Muslim or non-Muslim countries. I don't mean some or half or most. All. Bring it to a halt tomorrow. Forget allowing "moderate" Muslims inside, as a "moderate" Muslim is one who cannot afford a gun or bomb vest, and harbors no particular expertise in the construction of explosive devices. How many examples of "Sudden Jihad Syndrome" do we need, before we realize that a "moderate" Muslim may change his tack when he arises at the call to prayer next Monday morning -- with no discernible, public change in veneer -- and dare to go a-hunting infidels? Remember Nidal Hassan? I will not dignify this lowlife with the title "Major." Many considered him a "moderate," until he opened fire on a U.S. military base, murdering fourteen people, and wounding thirty. Inviting "moderate" Muslims into our lands is like sticking one's hand into a flame, and finding consternation at the reality of a second-degree burn. Since playing with fire means getting scorched, how about cutting a wide swath around the conflagration?

4. End the building of mosques on U.S. soil. Given that a large percentage of mosques erected in the U.S. have financial and moral backing from Wahhabi Arabia, and given that U.S. mosques that preach jihad and promote sharia are as uncommon as sand in a desert, clarity of thought requires that we cease letting our enemies build monuments to themselves in our communities. Anything less is a voluntary act of dhimmitude.

5. Send all non-citizen Muslims home. I couldn't care less about such distinctions as "legal resident," "illegal alien," or "refugee." Send them all back to those dystopic nightmares that they call home, and do it now. Give them a date and time, and offer them the dignity of self-removal. Noncompliance means prompt deportation. Attempted reentry post-deportation means learning about the finer aspects of prison life, first-hand. I'm not kidding.

6. Revoke citizenship from and deport all Muslims with known ties to terrorism, jihad, and/or the non-republican institution of sharia.

7. Dissolve and outlaw all organizations that share the ideals of Islamic supremacy. (Yes, CAIR, this means you).

8. Close all mosques that espouse the aforementioned principles.

9. Provide incentives -- up to and including a possible one-time cash payment -- for naturalized Muslim citizens to return to their nations of origin. Strings come with the embrace of such incentives: voluntary renunciation of citizenship, self-removal or deportation within a specific time frame, and the understanding that attempts at reentry constitute felonies, punishable by prison sentences.

This is my nine-point plan. It is neither racist, nor unreasonable. Islam is not a race, and choosing the survival of our society over its annihilation is not unreasonable. I do not exist as a free-floating wisp of smoke in a pipe dream, nor do I reside within a John Lennon song. I live in the real world, a world filled with cruelties and delights, joys and sorrows, friends and enemies. I live in a world in which the adherents of a particular religion want me dead or ground under their heels. And so do you. Each of us has a choice. We as a civilization have a choice: do we step back from the yawning chasm before us, or do we fling ourselves over the brink, hoping for the best as the dark mysteries below rush up to strike us in the face? A bed of down, or a jagged maw of rocks? Make the leap, and find out for yourself. Only a fool would choose the abyss.

Just as God's existence and majesty is not affected by our belief, or lack thereof, the designs of fundamentalist Islam are not subject to our confirmation. Muslims also live in the real world, and they have a plan for remaking it in their image. We can face this fact, or not. Ignorance is not bliss, and blindness to the enemy lurking behind us on our own doorstep is not tolerance. It is folly.

We approach the nine-year anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on American soil in our history. The last time we saw similar devastation was on December 7, 1941, at Pearl Harbor. Think of me as you will, but remember this: had the proposed policies outlined above been in place on September 10, 2001, September 11 would be just another day on your calendar, not a day honoring the memories of three thousand dead.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010