Thursday, September 9, 2010

Defeating Islamic Terrorism and Expansionism in America

The following is a possible contender for the most politically incorrect blog post you've ever read. Let me warn everyone right now that if you believe that Islam is a Religion of Peace, support unrestricted immigration, or know in your heart that diversity is an elevated societal ambition, I suggest that you take this opportunity and locate the door. I mean it, because you will find yourself at the comfort level of Muhammad in a hog waller. I've said it. You've read it. Now on with the hate-mongering.

Here is my plan for solving the Islamic problem in the U.S.A. :

1. Acknowledge, as a society, that Islam is not now -- nor has it ever been -- a peaceful religion, from the time of its founding 1,400 years ago, to this day. Admit that Islam is not just a religion, but a political ideology, and that the two stand intertwined, with no chance of unraveling. Accept that Islam poses an existential threat to Western Civilization -- a threat that, left unchecked, promises the destruction of our way of life. Islam's untrammeled menace has three possible outcomes: death, forced conversion, or enslavement under a shadow of Islamic supremacy. Abjurement of multiculturalism is the ideal; but even the retention of multiculturalism in other areas with the recognition of Islam's perils is superior to our current outlook, and a step in the right direction.

2. Close and secure our borders. And I don't mean playing pretend while doing diddlysquat, as per the sterling example of George W. Bush. And I don't mean doing even less than Bush's nothing, as per Obama's illustrious policies. I mean lock down the northern and southern borders, with particular emphasis in the south. Increase security of our coasts, with more boat and air patrols, and tighten the cinch around our ports. This entails America owning and operating her own ports. Not Dubai. And not Al-Killya. This is known as minimal common sense.

3. End Islamic immigration to the United States, whether from Muslim or non-Muslim countries. I don't mean some or half or most. All. Bring it to a halt tomorrow. Forget allowing "moderate" Muslims inside, as a "moderate" Muslim is one who cannot afford a gun or bomb vest, and harbors no particular expertise in the construction of explosive devices. How many examples of "Sudden Jihad Syndrome" do we need, before we realize that a "moderate" Muslim may change his tack when he arises at the call to prayer next Monday morning -- with no discernible, public change in veneer -- and dare to go a-hunting infidels? Remember Nidal Hassan? I will not dignify this lowlife with the title "Major." Many considered him a "moderate," until he opened fire on a U.S. military base, murdering fourteen people, and wounding thirty. Inviting "moderate" Muslims into our lands is like sticking one's hand into a flame, and finding consternation at the reality of a second-degree burn. Since playing with fire means getting scorched, how about cutting a wide swath around the conflagration?

4. End the building of mosques on U.S. soil. Given that a large percentage of mosques erected in the U.S. have financial and moral backing from Wahhabi Arabia, and given that U.S. mosques that preach jihad and promote sharia are as uncommon as sand in a desert, clarity of thought requires that we cease letting our enemies build monuments to themselves in our communities. Anything less is a voluntary act of dhimmitude.

5. Send all non-citizen Muslims home. I couldn't care less about such distinctions as "legal resident," "illegal alien," or "refugee." Send them all back to those dystopic nightmares that they call home, and do it now. Give them a date and time, and offer them the dignity of self-removal. Noncompliance means prompt deportation. Attempted reentry post-deportation means learning about the finer aspects of prison life, first-hand. I'm not kidding.

6. Revoke citizenship from and deport all Muslims with known ties to terrorism, jihad, and/or the non-republican institution of sharia.

7. Dissolve and outlaw all organizations that share the ideals of Islamic supremacy. (Yes, CAIR, this means you).

8. Close all mosques that espouse the aforementioned principles.

9. Provide incentives -- up to and including a possible one-time cash payment -- for naturalized Muslim citizens to return to their nations of origin. Strings come with the embrace of such incentives: voluntary renunciation of citizenship, self-removal or deportation within a specific time frame, and the understanding that attempts at reentry constitute felonies, punishable by prison sentences.

This is my nine-point plan. It is neither racist, nor unreasonable. Islam is not a race, and choosing the survival of our society over its annihilation is not unreasonable. I do not exist as a free-floating wisp of smoke in a pipe dream, nor do I reside within a John Lennon song. I live in the real world, a world filled with cruelties and delights, joys and sorrows, friends and enemies. I live in a world in which the adherents of a particular religion want me dead or ground under their heels. And so do you. Each of us has a choice. We as a civilization have a choice: do we step back from the yawning chasm before us, or do we fling ourselves over the brink, hoping for the best as the dark mysteries below rush up to strike us in the face? A bed of down, or a jagged maw of rocks? Make the leap, and find out for yourself. Only a fool would choose the abyss.

Just as God's existence and majesty is not affected by our belief, or lack thereof, the designs of fundamentalist Islam are not subject to our confirmation. Muslims also live in the real world, and they have a plan for remaking it in their image. We can face this fact, or not. Ignorance is not bliss, and blindness to the enemy lurking behind us on our own doorstep is not tolerance. It is folly.

We approach the nine-year anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on American soil in our history. The last time we saw similar devastation was on December 7, 1941, at Pearl Harbor. Think of me as you will, but remember this: had the proposed policies outlined above been in place on September 10, 2001, September 11 would be just another day on your calendar, not a day honoring the memories of three thousand dead.

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