Friday, September 24, 2010

Ain't Love Grand?

It seems that country singer LeAnn Rimes has chosen infamy over propriety, as many stars of the entertainment industry are wont to do. After cheating on her husband with a married man, this is what she had to share with all the little people:

"I understand why people are disappointed in me, especially since I grew up as America's sweetheart. I think any relationship is hard to get out of, and I don't think the way I did it was right," she reveals.

"It wasn't a fulfilling marriage for either of us," she tells the magazine. "As we got older, we grew apart."

See, growing apart means hopping into another man's bed.

Rimes and Sheremet's marriage began to fully unravel amidst rumors she was secretly dating actor Eddie Cibrian, who was also married.

Back in 2009, Cibrian tried to fight back against claims that he was having an affair with Rimes after they were caught on film from the restaurant's security cameras. The images show the pair kissing during a date at a Laguna Beach, California restaurant.

Later Rimes admitted she and Cibrian became friends while shooting the made-for-TV movie 'Northern Lights,' and it wasn't until many months later that their relationship "tipped over."

"It was very emotionally driven," Rimes told PEOPLE in June. "I never once thought what I was doing was okay."

"It wasn't right. It wasn't okay. But I did it anyway."

Sheremet and Rimes attempted to fix their marriage after news of her affair broke, but the pair finally concluded, "It wasn't a marriage that fulfilled either one of us." Rimes and Sheremet ended their 7-year marriage and the divorce was finalized in December 2009.

Cibrian was also married at the time; he and model Brandi Glanville married in 2002 and have two sons together. They too filed for divorce last year.

"I take responsibility for everything I've done," LeAnn told PEOPLE. "I hate that people got hurt. But I don't regret the outcome.

"I wasn't fulfilled." Don't you hate that expression? I despise it. You weren't fulfilled, so you cheated on your husband. Nice to know that your marriage was all about you.

I think it's marvellous that she betrayed her husband with a married man, and has zero regrets for the outcome. And what was that outcome? Why, here it is:

Rimes and Cibrian are currently in a committed relationship and currently live together in Los Angeles.

So we have two marriages destroyed, one of which involved children. Now the two home wreckers live together in a "committed relationship" -- at least until they begin feeling unfulfilled, and commence schtupping someone else, preferably someone married, thank you.

Here's the icing on the cake:

"I feel like I'm just now finding myself," Rimes continued. "I've always been one of those people who takes care of everyone else--and their needs--first. This past year, for the first time ever, I put me first. I'm sure some people are thinking that I was totally selfish, but the truth is, there are times in your life when you have to be selfish in order to find out what truly makes you happy."

Though the infidelity drama is in her past, she realizes "there are lessons in it for me to learn" and that the "most important thing" is "cultivating strength from rough situations." As she tells Shape, "After going through this, I know I can face anything."

Can you imagine being this amoral? She's just now "finding herself." What the heck does that mean? I've heard this moronic, insipid expression gibbered on the movie screen, in celebrity interviews, and even in books, and I have yet to comprehend its meaning. You were finding yourself? Were you lost? If you'd pull your head out of your own backside, the world might prove a brighter place. Then you wouldn't have to look for yourself, like someone lost in a deep maze of caverns without a flashlight.

Of course, the story doesn't quote the skank's husband, so we have no idea if he also was unfulfilled in their relationship, or if her backstabbing ruined his life. However, it's nice knowing that after shafting her husband, she has learned lessons, grown stronger, and now can face anything.

It seems that her life philosophy is:

I am woman! Here me whore!

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