Saturday, September 11, 2010

Koranic Cowardice Part II

See Part I

Favorite Muslim pastimes:

  • burning pictures and photos of George W. Bush.
  • burning Bush in effigy.
  • burning Holy Bibles and copies of the Torah and Talmud.
  • burning churches and synagogues, or turning them into mosques.
  • burning American flags.
  • burning Christians to death in Africa by hanging tires around their necks and setting them on fire.
  • calling for the deaths of Christians and the "Great Satan" (the U.S.A.) and the "Little Satan" (Israel)
  • siding with the Nazis in their "Final Solution" for the Jews.

The list goes on, ad nauseum. Around the globe, violence is at its most explosive -- no pun intended -- where Muslims rub shoulders with non-Muslims.

No one receives tolerance for his beliefs. Muslims are the most intolerant people on Earth. They brook no compromise. They show no respect for other religions and their scriptures.

Despite worldwide Islamic campaigns of terrorism and other violence waged against non-Muslims every single day, the world heaves a collective sigh and says: "Ah, well, that's just the way they are. We must accept their differences. We are superior to the uncivilized of old. We know that multiculturalism is the key to enlightenment."

Or some such nonsense.

But let the pastor of a small church in Florida propose burning a Koran on September 11 as a statement against Islam's evil and destructive influence, and the gates of Hell will not prevail against the great caterwauling that rises up and up into the firmament forever. I've never seen anything like it. Suddenly people who said "que sera sera," or held no opinions about the aforementioned atrocities are frothing at the mouth at the unmitigated gall of those demonic fundies in Florida. They should be praying toward Mecca, not burning a Koran!

We have "General" Betraeus, Scared-a Palin, Glenn Yeck, Lizardy Clintoon, and even Rat Buchanan screeching that we might hurt Ahmad Jihad's feeeeeelings. We have the Florida church's ISP removing its website from the Internet. We see the City of Gainesville denying them a burn permit. See, if they were Muslims, they'd get permission to take a flamethrower to the place. And on and on the moronics go. This is sick stuff.

Given that a host of people want a piece of the Koran-burning denunciation while remaining apathetic or silent in the face of decades of Islamic aggression and flagrant mockery, I can draw only one conclusion:

This zealotry in Islam's defense isn't about doing the right thing. It isn't about showing respect for other religions. This isn't about refraining from wanton offensiveness. It's not about utilizing one's freedom of speech responsibly.

It's about fear -- fear of upsetting the Sacred Other, fear of rocking the diversity boat, and fear of waking up in a puddle of one's own blood.

What does our so-called leadership's and commentariat's anxiety say about their dedication to liberty? What does it say about our will to survive as a people?

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