Saturday, July 3, 2010

Western Films: Summation

To reiterate, this was a list of only films that I have seen, so it cannot be considered a comprehensive listing of the best westerns ever made.

As you've probably detected, I'm a huge fan of John Wayne. However, I think I'm being objective in saying that, if one made a list of the top fifty westerns ever filmed, half would star John Wayne. He was in one great film after another in this genre.

I didn't include pre-1930s westerns, as I have viewed precisely none.

Please feel free in mentioning other westerns not already on the list that you find deserving of merit.

Happy trails!

Here's the original list:

Western Films: The 1930s

Western Films: The 1940s

Western Films: The 1950s

Western Films: The 1960s

Western Films: The 1970s

Western Films: The 1980s

Western Films: The 1990s

Western Films: The 2000s

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