Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nothing Says "Hate" Like a Gift Bible

An eighth-grade teacher has accused her students of committing a "hate crime" and being "cruel" because they left a Bible on her desk and a Christmas card with the word "Christ" underlined.

Melissa Hussain, an Apex, N.C., science teacher at West Lake Middle School, is suspended with pay and may lose her job after she purportedly clashed with students on the subject of religion and sent students to the school office when they asked about the role of God in creation during a lesson about evolution.

Hussain wrote on her then-public Facebook page that it was a "hate crime" when her students left a Bible on her desk, according to the Charlotte News & Observer. She complained about students singing "Jesus Loves Me" and wearing Jesus T shirts.

Hussain said she "was able to shame her kids" over the incidents.

"I can't believe the cruelty and ignorance of people sometimes," Hussain wrote on the social networking site.

She said she wouldn't let the Bible incident "go unpunished."

I don't know if this is an example of a Muslim gaming the system that tolerates her intolerance, or one of extreme leftism in action; either way, she's of a totalitarian mentality. She also has a dearth of common sense: how is giving someone a Bible a hate - crime? How is leaving someone a Christmas card with the word "Christ" underlined a demonstration of hate? How is sending students to the principal's office for asking about God's role in the creation process not an exercise in hate or bigotry? It's patently not illustrative of love or broad - mindedness.

As for songs like "Jesus Loves Me," and "Jesus" T - shirts, well, I'm astounded by the fortitude she's displayed in lasting this long under such oppression. I'm sure the inmates at Bergen - Belsen would've sympathized. Now she knows how Solzhenitsyn felt.

I wonder if efforts at placing a Koran on her desk, professions of the shahada, or T - shirts proclaiming "There's nothing wrong with infidels that a scimitar can't fix" would have made her swoon in righteous outrage?

The bottom line is that those on the Left -- and their Muslim fellow travellers -- harbor the shared goal of crushing religious liberty, freedom of expression, and all dissent. The sooner Americans wake up to this reality, the sooner they can address it and take action, before it's too late.

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