Sunday, December 16, 2007


The word makes you cringe, doesn't it? That means the left-wing societal wrecking balls have done their work nicely. We've been led to accept that "discrimination" is just another word for "deviltry." It embodies evil, pigheadedness, and mindless bigotry, right?

Wrong. Discrimination is showing preference for one thing over another, making a distinction for or against something. Awful, isn't it? Even worse, a true synonym for discrimination is "discernment." The mere thought of such a sinister concept as discernment terrifies those who villify "discriminators" everywhere. After all, discernment requires wisdom and a wee bit more than superficial thought. Since these lead to rejection of everything self-proclaimed anti-discriminators hold dear, they have no tolerance for either one.

"Discrimination" has become like the word "prejudiced." As soon as someone utters it, a wicked connotation attaches itself like a leech. No doubt leftists believe demons cackle and rub their hands together with glee, when someone "discriminates"--or at least they would, if they believed in demons. The closest they come to crediting these supernatural entities' existence is Rush Limbaugh.

Discrimination isn't a dirty word, regardless what Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, illegal alien advocates, or the streetcorner hippie in desperate need of a bath tell you. How about rethinking your discrimination toward soap, Moonflower? Everyone discriminates; it's unavoidable. If you prefer Golden Delicious apples to Red Delicious, that's discrimination. If you like the company of atheists more than that of Christians, you're discriminating. If you like leaving the toilet seat up rather than putting it down, welcome to the ranks of discriminators. I've saved you a seat. Just let me lower it, first.

The point is that 100% of humanity stands guilty of discrimination. No one is innocent. So when someone screeches "That's discrimination!" the correct response is a variation of "That's right; thanks for pointing out the obvious." It's akin to nudging your friend, pointing at a passing car, and saying: "Hey, that's a car." Not exactly a meaningful observation for anyone who's ever laid eyes on an automobile.

What those who yell discrimination really mean is: "How dare you choose a side on a particular issue that is in conflict with my own opinion on the matter! You brute!" The problem isn't that you're discriminating; it's that you've discriminated against their take on the issue. And if they had a shred of honesty about them, they'd state it in this fashion.

The link's location escapes me, but I read a story a couple of days ago, in which an American was labeled a bigot for refusing to employ people in his private business who don't speak English. Someone correct me if I have the details wrong. What struck me as absurd is the simple fact that we live in a nation of English-speaking people. This always has been true of the United States; the colonies' founders were English speakers. It remains true, today, though the percentage is lower now than at any previous time, thanks to unrestricted, rampant migration from third-world, non-English-speaking countries. Do you find a Saudi Arabian desiring his employees to be fluent in Arabic ridiculous? How about a Parisian employing French speakers? And perish the thought, what if a native of Mexico exhibited wanton hubris in suggesting that his drug cartel heavies be conversant in Spanish? Bizarre, isn't it? Yet these mundane functions of other societies around the globe offend the delicate, hair-thin sensibilities of certain individuals in the U.S.A. You mean you think your workers should be able to communicate with each other, with you, and with customers? Why, the nerve! I'm partial to the silly grin, blank stare, and uncomprehending nod when ordering at Taco Bell.

I tire of the professionally offended, the wilting flowers who cannot make it through a single day without hunting down outrage like a pig roots for truffles. I'd like to plant my size-13 foot right where the good Lord split ya; problem is, I don't want to get dirty removing your head, first.

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