Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hitman for Jesus

On the shootings in Colorado at the two Christian institutions:

Some atheist commenters at Vox's--who jump with glee at every conceivable chance to smear Christians--are blaming the shooter's Christian uprbringing for his decidedly anti-Christian behavior. Let's try a little exercise in logic, shall we?

Imagine a boy raised in an atheist household.

Imagine his renunciation of atheism as an adult.

Imagine his subsequent conversion to Islam.

Imagine his writing a long diatribe about hating atheists, including his desire to murder these infidels in Allah's name.

Imagine his later approaching two separate atheist institutions or meeting places and shooting and killing or wounding several people.

According to the idiots gibbering at Vox's place, we should blame atheism for his behavior, not the influence of Islam. Just exchange atheism for Christianity, and Islam for atheistic nihilism; that's exactly what they're doing. I wonder if they also accept the "logic" of the analogy I've offered, here?

Somehow I doubt it.

What someone believed in the past is interesting, from a historical standpoint. But when someone commits an atrocity, what he believes at the time of its commission is far more relevant to understanding his actions, to shedding illumination upon a dark and forbidding place.

It's funny how people indict Christianity by utilizing examples of behavior at complete odds with its most basic teachings.

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