Sunday, August 1, 2004

Iraqi Christian Charity

As I've said before, it seems that a certain monstrous segment of Iraq's population has declared war on Christians--simply for being Christian. Car bombs went off at five different churches, in a presumed coordinated attack.

From WND:

In the worst attack, a suicide car bomber drove into the car park at a Chaldean church in southern Baghdad before detonating his vehicle, killing at least 12 people as worshippers left the building, witnesses said.


An explosion at the Armenian church in Baghdad shattered stained glass windows and hurled chunks of hot metal.

Another bomb exploded about 15 minutes later outside the nearby Assyrian church, where medics dragged a man from a car, his arm almost torn off.

I could go on, but you get the idea. The "people" responsible for these actions deliberately and premeditatedly targeted innocent, defenseless Christians who wanted only to worship in peace. Such loathsome cowardice and evil deserves swift retribution.

Isn't it wonderful to know that we now have another beacon of liberty such as this in the Middle East? The next time I hear Mr. Bush bragging about the exercise in liberation that is Iraq, I think I'll be sick.

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