Sunday, August 1, 2004

Embryonic Stem-Cell Research

On July 27, Ron Reagan, Jr. spoke at the Democrats' National Convention, favoring federal (i.e., taxpayer) funding of embryonic stem-cell research. This process utilizes the removal of stem-cells from human embryos, resulting in the destruction of these embryos.

Mr. Reagan's father (President Reagan), probably would not have approved, since his strong pro-life stance is well known. But putting that aside for a moment, does Mr. Reagan have a point? Will such research cure diseases? Let's look at what we know:

1. The ethics of such a decision must be addressed. As I already said, this process requires the destruction of these otherwise viable embryos.

2. Scientists have experimented successfully with adult stem-cells in the treatment of certain diseases. The use of such cells does not require the termination of their host.

3. The effectiveness of using embryonic stem-cells in treating diseases is a long way from proven.

Given these three factors, if we are to err, shouldn't that be on the side of caution?

From Jerry Falwell's July 31 column on WorldNetDaily:

On CNN's "Crossfire" on Wednesday, Democrat gadfly James Carville five times accused me of leading a "right-wing" assault on federally-funded embryonic stem cell research. Nothing could be further from the truth. Mr. Carville also suggested that opposing federal funding for this type of research is"loony" and "nutty." He's always so charming, you know.

Regardless of your opinion of Jerry Falwell, doesn't this typify the lefties' tactics? Ignore factual information; provide no refutation of what your opponent has said; label them a kook, thus positioning them to spend the rest of their allotted speaking time defending themselves against the label.

Calling someone a name is easy and intellectually lazy. Dishonest, as well. Proving them wrong requires efforts the leftists have no intention of making.

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