Sunday, August 1, 2004

Public Library: Christians Not Wanted

A public library in Antioch, CA barred Christians from using a free meeting room on the premises, due to the library's rule against using such rooms for "religious purposes."

Can you believe the audacity?! Whatever happened to equal access? This was a public facility paid for with taxpayer monies! I'm assuming that part of such funding came directly from the pockets of the people who reserved the room. So if you're a Christian, it's ok to fund the building of a facility, pay its workers, and continue to fund additions and other needs over the years. It's just not ok to use the facility, even after reserving a room and following the rules.

Clearly, such a policy is unconstitutional and immoral.

The government may not be feeding Christians to the lions or burning them at the stake, but don't be fooled. Persecution is alive and well in America. It now remains to be seen how far it will go.

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