Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ending the Threats of Islamic Terrorism and Influence in the U.S.

I had intended a post on Monday, in which I would offer a solution to Islamic influence and terrorism in America. After a little searching through the archives, I realized that I already had posted on that very subject in quite some detail. So here, from September 2010, is my answer to the question, "How do we stop Islam from spreading throughout the United States?"

The fleshed-out version: Defeating Islamic Terrorism and Expansionism in America

Here's the short version:

1. Acknowledge, as a society, that Islam is not now -- nor has it ever been -- a peaceful religion, from the time of its founding 1,400 years ago, to this day. Admit that Islam is not just a religion, but a political ideology, and that the two stand intertwined, with no chance of unraveling. Accept that Islam poses an existential threat to Western Civilization -- a threat that, left unchecked, promises the destruction of our way of life.

2.  Close and secure our borders.

3. End Islamic immigration to the United States, whether from Muslim or non-Muslim countries.

4. End the building of mosques on U.S. soil.

5. Send all non-citizen Muslims home.

6. Revoke citizenship from and deport all Muslims with known ties to terrorism, jihad, and/or the non-republican institution of sharia.

Dissolve and outlaw all organizations that share the ideals of Islamic supremacy. 

8. Close all mosques that espouse the aforementioned principles.

9. Provide incentives -- up to and including a possible one-time cash payment -- for naturalized Muslim citizens to return to their nations of origin.

The question is not, "Does this problem have a solution?" The question is, "Do we have the grit and the will to solve it?"

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