Thursday, August 19, 2010

Big Brother Says Pick a Bridge and Jump, Part III

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Obamacare (Commiecare):

A Democrat-controlled Congress passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into law back in March. This legislation rammed socialized health care down America's throat for the first time in its history. Since government-controlled medicine works so well everywhere else -- what with people flocking to the States for surgeries and other medical procedures -- we know that good times lie ahead.

Here's how Congress voted on the issue:

House of Representatives:

178 Republicans against; 0 in favor.
34 Democrats against; 219 in favor.


39 Republicans against; 0 in favor.
0 Democrats and Independents against; 60 in favor.

Maybe the GOP is playing the partisan political game so typical of D.C. elites. Of course, we can't accuse Republicans of this without including the Democrats in that criticism, given their virtual lock-step voting pattern favoring socialism. However, whatever reasons exist for why Republicans and Democrats vote as they do, a stark contrast exists between the two political parties on this particular issue -- at least as far as their voting patterns go. Obamacare is the Democrat party's illegitimate child.

The U.S. citizenry stood against Obamacare before and after it passed. Depending on which polls one consults, somewhere between 52% and 63% of the American people want this pernicious, liberty-crushing legislation repealed.

Obama and the Democrats have responded to such concerns with a "Hie thee to Hell" approach for those who don't like having our system of government dismantled in one of the most blatant power-grabs in U.S. history. They have zero interest in what you or I think about anything -- unless our views correspond to theirs one hundred percent, in which case bully for us.

When the majority of people are against an initiative and have provided sound, well-reasoned arguments for their opposition, politicians cannot force the issue through, while claiming that they represent the interests of their constituency. That's a lie. It's not representative government. It is not government of, by, and for the people. Rather, it's a dictatorial oligarchy.

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