Friday, August 27, 2010

Big Brother Says Pick a Bridge and Jump, Part IV

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The Bailout Scams:

Bear Sterns. Freddie Mac. Fannie Mae. Goldman Sachs. Morgan Stanley. American International Group (AIG). Citigroup. Bank of America.

Unless you live under a rock, you've heard of these institutions. You've caught wind of the Subprime mortgage disaster.

You've seen or read news reports about the automotive industry crisis, which included the bailouts of General Motors and Crysler.

In each of these cases, corporations engaged in irresponsible business practices received aid from the U.S. federal government -- or more to the point, accepted billions of dollars of taxpayer funds as a juicy reward for failure, negligence, and corruption. Some of these companies perpetrated financial fraud; but did that even slow down Big Brother's largesse with other people's money?

Can pigs fly?

First, we had King Bush with his $700 billion TARP (Total Annihilation of Responsible Policy-making) hokum. Don't forget his willing conspirators in Congress, or his paladin, Juan McAmnesty. With the exception of Bush, no single individual talked up the Screw-over Act of 2008 more than McAmnesty, who led the charge against fiscal common sense with all of the passion and valor of Janos Hunyadi and his Hungarians at Kosovo -- with similar results. McAmnesty lost the 2008 presidential election and went down to defeat against an entity with all the substance of a pail of air.

The empty vessel named Obama trod over his rivals, entered the Oral Office, and continued where Bush left off in his magnificent desolation of the economy. As Emeril Lagasse would say, he "kicked it up a notch."

With messianic mendacity, Obama attempted selling the people a bill of goods on his "stimulus" plans. He told us that we need $787 billion spent on tax relief, socialist insecurity, unemployment, infrastructure, housing, health care, education, energy, automobiles, law enforcement, Martian ebola victims, a shrine to Karl Marx on the National Mall, a 556-foot statue of himself beside the Washington Monument, and the Barack Hussein Obama Presidential Mosque in downtown Nairobi, with a branch location in Honolulu.

George Dubya Bush was a nightmare for our nation's economy, but Barack Hussein Obama has taken all of Bush's excesses and thrown them from Light Speed to Ludicrous Speed. He's treating his cronies to a sumptuous feast with your money, and he's barely broken out the hors d'Ĺ“uvres. Of course, he, too, has his minions in Congress. It's not as if these presidents have the purse-strings all to themselves.

All of the above leads to the revelation that the citizenry of this country rejected the bailout scams before, during and after their implementations. I believe McAmnesty's pro-bailout zealotry -- more than any other single issue -- led to his demise at the voting precincts in the contest for the presidency.

In a Rasmussen poll from January:

1. 56% of voters believe the banking and financial bailouts were a bad idea. This finding is similar to that of April, 2009.

2. 58% reject the automotive bailouts -- a figure that remains consistent with earlier percentages.

3. But lo and behold the disparity between the outlooks of the political class and mainstream Americans: 73% of the political class think the automotive bailouts are a swell idea; 73% of mainstream Americans think they make terrible policy. The numbers hover in the same area regarding the financial institution bailouts.

So we have elites looking out of the windows of their uptown apartments and estate houses and spitting in the people's faces. They hold views in polar opposition to those of the average U.S. citizen, and they intend ramming their agendas down your throat.

Even if they have to use your own checkbook to do it.

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