Friday, March 19, 2010

Traffic Cameras

I cannot think of a better example of something being created or installed for the transparent purpose of revenue generation.

A family member told me a story about an individual whose car was photographed speeding through a stoplight, so -- as wet follows rain -- local government sent him a citation through the mail. Here's the rub: the car's owner not only was not in the driver's seat, he wasn't even in the car.

I consider the judicial system's response unethical. If I'm doing eighty in a skewel zone in someone else's car, and Sergeant Fuzz pulls me over, he doesn't summon the owner and demand that he appear with license and registration in tow; rather, I am the one who suffers the consequences. And rightly so.

One would think that those in authority have never considered the possibility that a friend might borrow a friend's car, or a son a father's, or a daughter a mother's, or a nephew an uncle's, or a Monica a Bill's.

The reality is that they don't care. Not when the jingle - jangle of coins and the crisp fluttering of dollars tickles their ears, and beckons them back to their First Love:

The acquisition of money.

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