Thursday, April 23, 2009

If Thy Freedom Offend Me, I'll Pluck It Out

The Alliance Defense Fund has filed a lawsuit on behalf of students and parents against the Wilson County School Board in Tennessee.

Lakeview Elementary School students wanted to display posters that referenced God and prayer, but school officials said they had to cover up those references before the posters could be displayed. The posters were hand-drawn by students and announced voluntary activities such as the "See You at the Pole" prayer event.

Kellum says the school is arguing that the posters cause an Establishment Clause problem, and that some students might be offended if these religious students were able to express their beliefs.

These are the same dishonest, constitutionally-illiterate excuses offered up by our godless public schools over the last twenty years.

On the one hand, we have elementary students attempting the exercise of their God-given, constitutionally-protected rights of free speech and religion. On the other, we have a school administration that believes this is identical to the Congress of the United States of America establishing a specific religion. This should serve as ample justification for an automatic dismissal from one's position as teacher, principal, or superintendant. It's patent idiocy, and the people shoveling this buzzing fly-heap know it. Either that, or they remain so clueless about American history that they'd give a North Korean labor-camp prisoner a run for his money in terms of pure ignorance of the outside world. Regardless, one could argue that they have little of value to impart to the rising generation.

I love the "Someone might be offended!" argument. It's as impervious to logic as a Sherman tank's armor under the barrage of a squirt gun. Remember when James Madison passionately championed your right to remain un-offended, until you crossed the bar?

Me neither.

There is no God-ordained right to remain unoffended. There is no constitutional protection of your delicate sensibilities. It's unenforceable, subjective nonsense. I suppose we should shoot Michael Moore, because his mere existence offends me.

And used within the context of restricting speech and religion on a school campus, it's also a lie. Otherwise, why no equal level of concern for the Christians and others who have their speech curtailed and their religious expression squelched? Somehow, that's not so important.

But that "Bugaboo to frighten ye" that they've created--well, he might take offense, and we can't have that.

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