Sunday, April 26, 2009


As you've probably noticed by now, I've made a few changes to the ol' blog. Okenya's positivity and reshaping of the American order was my inspiration.

I thought upgrading my template was a good idea, so imagine my surprise, when doing so stripped HaloScan and Sitemeter from the blog, and jumbled up my sidebar. Oh, well. You live, you learn, as that stringy-haired waif Alanis Morissette says.

Through a little trial and terror, I forced everything into working order, with one exception. When I reinstalled HaloScan, my blog title and new picture at the top vanished. I experimented by removing HaloScan, again, and both reappeared. Then I put the commenting system back on, and they're gone, again. Poof! I emailed HaloScan about this, Friday night; so far, I haven't heard from them. Maybe they're gone to an HTML convention.

Speaking of HTML, I know almost as little about its mysteries as Okenya kens about the economy, so bear with me through the tweakery.

Here's a place for you to bloviate on pretty much anything that's on your mind.

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