Saturday, August 9, 2008

Olympic Nonsense

I admit I've never been a big follower of the Olympics; yet the current activities in China give me no reason to change my mind on the issue.

As you read these words, the Chinese government is murdering Christians, or imprisoning them without trial. The Uyghur ethnic minority--made up primarily of Muslims, with a few Christians--is enduring a systematic campaign of persecution at the government's hands.

People are sitting in re-education camps for the crime of starting "cults." The government considers Christian churches or Bible-study groups "cults," unless they have prior official approval for their meetings.

Perhaps even more egregious, the Chinese are in the process of destroying Tibetan culture. In the midst of this nation's rape, we're seeing commercials on tv about the proud Olympic tradition.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I have zero interest in a tradition that won't recognize or condemn open evil. I harbor no enthusiasm for a games commission that refuses even the symbolic rejection of China's behavior, by turning down this massive labor camp as host for the Olympics. Here was an opportunity to send a strong message to the world: we will not offer respect and distinction to a regime that abuses its citizens as a matter of entrenched policy. It's an opportunity not just lost, but thrown away. Besides the requisite moral relativism that saturates everything, these days, I have no doubt that money is a factor in this decision, as well.

China is a place where rights to freedom of religion, petition, press, assembly, and speech receive no recognition. Practical reality indicates they don't exist.

I see little difference between holding the Olympic games in Beijing, this year, and locating them in Berlin, circa 1936. It disgusts me.

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