Monday, August 4, 2008

Nightmare on a Bus

This is one of the more inexplicable news stories I've ever seen reported. Our local newspaper had a story on it, and Foxy News mentioned it, as well. I've also read online articles dealing with this atrocity. But I've seen no attention paid to a key element of this case in these reports.

The killer spoke with a thick Chinese accent, which means he's not a native Canadian. I know nothing of his legal status, as the media has studiously avoided discussing the matter. However, I note the seeming correlation between this vile crime committed by a non-native and the locality being a nation with perhaps the most open immigration policy in the world. I have serious doubts that this is mere coincidence.

What I'm getting at is this: when your attitude about immigration finds its roots in utopian ideals--as opposed to observational realities in this harsh, fallen world--you should expect not just the commission of such crimes, but an eventual increase in their frequency, in which they "progress" from the exceptional to the commonplace.

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