Sunday, May 25, 2008

We Ignored the Prophecy

I’m a sci-fi nut, so for my recent birthday, my wife bought me the original two “V” miniseries from the 1980s, as well as the follow-up TV show that lasted one season. (A slight digression: I’ve heard that a new miniseries event is in the works for 2009, which continues where the original left off).

Those of you who saw “V” may know where I’m going with this. I assume that those who have never heard of it live in mountain caves, venturing to town only to use the internet.

“V” is about aliens who superficially look like humans, but in fact are bipedal reptilian creatures wearing disguises. These beings invade in massive numbers, first claiming that they come in peace, but later dispensing with the charade and enslaving humanity. A resistance network hits back, and most of the series centers around its efforts at defeating the “Visitors.”

Imagine Nazis from space, and you have the gist of it.

It’s interesting that Vox dubs Hillaroid Clinton “The Lizard Queen,” because it parallels this series, whether intentionally or not. One of the extraterrestrial lizard-leaders goes by the name Diana. She’s portrayed as murderous, uber-ambitious, and completely ruthless. Rewatching the series after so many years, I turned to my wife and said with a laugh: “You know, she’s Hillaroid Clinton! Literally!”

So if you ever want to see how a power-mad reptile looks and acts, watch this prescient show. I assume Hillaroid uses it as a blueprint for world domination.

Which also explains her penchant for menu dainties like kiddie a la mode and rare rodent.

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