Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Operation: Sheer Stupidity

Remember when Rush Limbaugh exhorted his listeners to vote in Demonrat primaries for Hillaroid Clinton? He bragged about creating chaos in the party and drawing out the nomination process.

I think the idea presents ethical and practical problems that Rush can’t see, since his massive ego blots out the light of Reason.

Take the ethical issue: shouldn’t Demonrats choose their own candidate, rather than having one artificially shut out, and another empowered by people who have zero intention of voting Demonrat in the general election? Is that ethical? Is it honest? Furthermore, I wonder how Rush would take liberals pulling the same stunt in GOP primaries? Somehow, I don’t think he’d be grinning and shrugging it off, or crowing about the crafty nature of his ideological enemies’ tactics. In fact, I think he’d denounce it as another in an unending line of dirty, below-the-belt tricks in which the leftist party reliably indulges.

As for his plan’s practicality: assuming that a significant percentage of Rush’s listening audience follows his advice and votes for Hillaroid, the possibility arises of her winning the nomination—which in turn increases her chances of becoming president. After all, Rush’s dittoheads will have aided her in hurdling the Obama obstacle to her ambitions. If Rush gives himself credit for keeping her in the race and lengthening the Demonrat nomination process, then he also must accept blame if, Heaven forbid, Hillaroid ascends to the presidency. He can’t pat himself on the back for hurting the liberals, while giving himself a pass, if she wins.

I believe that his “Operation: Chaos” has a high probability of backfiring and becoming “Operation: Shoot Yourself in the Foot.” In fact, I find the idea so questionable and fraught with problems that I’ve asked myself if it’s a deliberate stealth attempt at electing Hillaroid. I’m not a grassy knoll type, but the wanton idiocy of Rush’s Master Plan makes me wonder.

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