Monday, April 21, 2008

Pope Benedict’s Prayer for “Immigrants”

Bless thy ninos and ninas as they swim the turbulent river separating them from jobs Americans just won’t do.

Bless them as they do the crawl-stroke, back-stroke, and, yea, even the doggy paddle.

Bless them in the rapids and the shallows, oh Lord of Fruit Pickers and Burger Flippers.

Bless them as they brave the desert sun, following “how-to” books and maps provided by their benevolent presidente.

Bless thy brown children as they gnaw the fleshy innards of cacti, for hydration’s sake.

Bless thy rattlesnakes who do not bite, and thy scorpions who withhold their stings. Bless the white man who treats them to his largesse, as they ransack his house while he’s at work.

Bless them as they creep and scuttle over mountain and sand dune, avoiding all the dreaded snares of the Border Patrol gringos. Hide them from the aerial drones’ sight, make virtual fences visible, and lead them through thy underground tunnels for righteousness’ sake, oh Lord of Unlawful Entry.

Bless them with forged birth certificates, fake social security numbers, and matricula consular cards found acceptable in thy sight, oh Lover of Truth.

Yea, though they walk through the Valley of Nativism, they shall fear no evil; for thou art with them. Thy anchor baby and expired visa comfort them.

Thou preparest a job for them in the presence of bigots. Thou anointest their heads with tequila. Their mamacitas' bank accounts in Mexico runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow them all the days of their lives, and they shall dwell in the occupied territories of Aztlan forever.


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