Thursday, February 7, 2008

Not So Super

After tuesday's orgy of primaries and caucuses, I noted that Yuckabee and Her Scaliness won my home state of Tennessee. Ugh. Ron Paul made a respectable showing in my county, coming in ahead of Giuliani and Thompson.

I heard today that Sniff Romney tearfully dropped out of the race. Ah, well. I suppose he'll just have to go back to working toward godhood via Mormonism, instead of politics.

So all we have left is Juan McAmnesty, Yuckabee, and Paul. That leaves us with an erratic schizophrenic with a bad temper, a socialist for Jesus, and someone who believes the Constitution should be read, understood, and followed--not used as birdcage lining.

So vote for Ron Paul, or don't vote at all. That's how I see it. A vote for anyone else is a vote for socialism.

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