Sunday, December 30, 2007

Silly Snippets

The discrepancies about Bhutto's death are a real end-of-year eye-rolling moment: apparently, lead poisoning and self-inflicted cranial surgery played pivotal roles, but a festering ingrown toenail did for her. That's what they mean by martyrdom.

Have you listened to this Mark Belling guy who fills in for Rush, on occasion? I love that nasal midwestern twang. Imagine Freddy Kruger raking his hand up and down a chalkboard. His voice makes that sound like classical music.

Marvel Comics is teeming up with the U.N. in creating a new superhero. His name is Wild Oats, and he'll be sowing them in war-ravaged countries all over the globe. Forcibly. However, in keeping with U.N. adequacy, he'll fire blanks.

I hear that I Am Legend is being billed as I Iz Legend in certain ghettofied localities. The blurb: "Dass rite. He all dat an' a bag o' cawn chips!"

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