Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Our Government Has Gone Insane

Soon we all can consider the Minutemen a domestic terror group:

An Arizona lawmaker has introduced a bill to revise the state's statutes on organized crime and fraud by defining "domestic terrorism" in such a way that members of the Minuteman Project or other border-patrol groups could be prosecuted and forced to serve a minimum six-month jail term.

The article includes a picture of the illustrious Arizona "lawmaker," and reveals that, though she may have the looks, someone else got the brains in the family.

Now, Sinema is targeting border-security groups like the Minutemen with new legislation that would define anyone not formally affiliated with law enforcement, who patrolled in search of illegal activity while armed, as a domestic terrorist. If it becomes law, the bill would impose a mandatory minimum jail sentence, even if prosecutors recommend probation.

HB 2286 reads:

Sec. 2. Title 13, chapter 23, Arizona Revised Statutes, is amended by adding section 13-2320, to read:

13-2320. Domestic terrorism; classification

A. An individual or group of individuals commits domestic terrorism if the individual or group of individuals are not affiliated with a local, state or federal law enforcement entity and associate with another individual or group of individuals as an organization, group, corporation or company for the purpose of patrolling to detect alleged illegal activity or to individually patrol for the purpose of detecting alleged illegal activity and if the individual or group of individuals is armed with a firearm or other weapon. . .

"I've been monitoring the Minutemen for a year now," Sinema told at the time, "and they're just scary."

"Race-based tactics always lead to violence," she insisted. "Remember, the Ku Klux Klan was the first-ever group to patrol the border between the U.S. and Mexico back in the '70s."

Which race do the Minutemen hate, Little Miss Clueless? Mexicans? Is "Mexican" a racial group? This is the typical "If you don't like illegal invasion of your country, you're a racist" argument. I don't know what scares me more: that some people are this stupid, or that American citizens are dumb enough to vote this bubblehead into office.

Here we have a complete redefinition of terms to fit a narrow agenda: that of making allowances for illegal immigration. Now people who love their country and want to protect it are terrorists. It's akin to saying right is left, up is down, black is white.

By the way, I hope none of my readers participate in Neighborhood Watch programs. If so, you fall under the classification of "domestic terrorist."


In other lunacy masquerading as news, Palestinkians have named a street in the "West Bank" after good ol' Saddumb--funded by the U.S. of A.

WND confirmed with local leaders the Yaabid street currently bears Saddam's name.

The Palestinian daily Al-Hayat al-Jadida stated the street's dedication was meant to emphasize the "values of Arabness and Jihad, which [Saddam] represented."

But USAID held a ceremony in July 2005 marking its contributions of $402,000 for paving the Yaabid municipality's main street – now named after Saddam – as well nearly two miles of inner streets. The American agency also contributed to the reconstruction of the city's main entrance.

Zacharias Zubeidi, leader of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades in Yaabid, told WND the city changed the name on the U.S.-funded street to show "Saddam Hussein is still alive."

"We will honor his memory until the American and Zionist occupation is driven from our land," Zubeidi said.

Saddam was considered a hero to most Palestinians. His final words prior to his hanging reportedly included "Palestine is Arab."

Celebrating the values of Arabness and Jihad: that's what America's all about. That these moral degenerates receive one red cent from American coffers is an atrocity. But what's worse is the government's indifference and that it's nothing new.

Maybe the next time someone mentions the Arab Street, they'll be referencing Saddumb Avenue.

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