Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Hebrew Shuffle

As most probably know, Jimmy Carter had a recent falling out with a long-time supporter over the thesis of his new book, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid. Found in the book's preface, perhaps this poem sheds some illumination on the disagreement:

Too many Jews.
Too many Jews.
Too many Jews on Earth.

Too many Jews.
Right there in the news.
Why can't we have a dearth?

We find 'em in synagogues--
In Israel, too.
They infest the land of my birth.

They crash Bar Mitzvahs,
And Bat Mitzvahs, too.
Ya see 'em from Fresno to Perth.

We slice 'em and dice 'em
And grill 'em and kill 'em,
And give 'em the old bushwhack.

We punch 'em and crunch 'em
And bug 'em and slug 'em,
But still, they keep coming back.

They pillage the Mideast,
Turn peace into war.
For this, we send 'em some cash.

They harry the Gentiles
And drink Ayrab blood,
And the Pope cows under their lash.

They spread their contagion
Wherever they go.
They breed like house cats or fleas.

I jest can't wait till
Good Yahweh above
Sends us the cure for their disease.

They make all the movies
And show lots of boobies.
Bush is their marionette.

Each one should pass on
Like Marat or Saddam,
Or be thrown down a rank oubliette.

You may not approve,
But you dance to their tune.
The whole world is their dark demesne.

Let's fight 'em and spite 'em
And take to the streets.
Viva la bright guillotine!

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