Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A Brief Aside

I admit, the Foley scandal bores me to tears. I've found very little of value from either side of the tainted aisle on this issue. We throw out morals, discard God like an outgrown fairy tale, and treat standards like bad jokes. Why should it surprise us that many of our politicians are lecherous perverts?

I would like to point out a few tiny things, though. I'm not even sure of their relevance, so take them as you will.

When Bill Clinton treated the Oval Office like his private seraglio, his behavior was a non-issue to the Democrats. Neither adultery nor promiscuity posed problems. Nor did lying to the American people on national television, or lying under oath--the latter a crime that would plop you or me right into a nice cushy jail cell.

I'm not attempting a flashback to the Decade of Licentiousness, here. The point is that Democrats are unconcerned with uncouth, immoral personal behavior--unless you're a Republican. That's when they produce the moral high ground deck of cards, and play every last one. Democrat moral outrage is as convincing as Hitler shedding a tear at a Jew's funeral.

I realize many (most?) Republicans approach Bush in Democrat fashion--with near adoration, and a dismissal of all his sins as trivial. But to the Republicans' credit, they have not treated Foley likewise. I understand he's a much less significant political figure than a president; still, let's give credit where it's due. Without exceptions, every Republican I've heard address this issue roundly condemned Foley's antics, and expressed gladness that he resigned.

Imagine if the roles were reversed, with a Democrat in Foley's place. Consider past Democrat reactions to unsavory revelations within the party. Then consider this scandal the next time someone suggests there is zero difference between Democrats and Republicans. The distinctions may be fine, but they do exist.

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