Friday, September 15, 2006


In a recent post, I implied that I loathe rap music. After mulling this over a while, I felt a little guilty for giving it such short shrift. So I've penned my very own rap lyrics, just to prove that I don't hold this musical genre in complete disdain. I hope it brings a little sunshine into your day. You provide the tune.


Whitey hate mah guts cuz mah skin is black.
He hate me when I sells his l'il chillun' crack.
He think pimpin' hoes is really whack.
Whitey diss me hard cuz mah skin is black.

Honkey hate mah guts cuz mah skin ain't white.
He hate it when ah does a drive-by at night.
He hate me cuz ahm a peaceful Wahhabite.
Honkey diss me hard cuz mah skin ain't white.

Crackuh hate mah guts cuz ah speaks Ebonics,
An' drops killah rimes whiles I smokes da Chronic.
Mah bling-bling leave da homies catatonic.
Crackuh diss me hard cuz ah cain't spell fonix.

Da Man hate mah guts; he ain' cool wit' rap;
He don' wanna hear Al or Jesse's crap.
But like Booker T., ah give 'im a slap,
Pull out mah nine an' straight bust a cap!

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