Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Progressive Glossary I

Tolerance: Belief that all left-wing views deserve respect.

Diversity: Belief that skin pigmentation is the prevailing factor in determining the nature of a person's character.

Multiculturalism: Belief that all cultures are of equal value, with the exceptions of Western--particularly American--culture, or any culture in which Christianity plays a significant role.

Greed: Disdain for confiscatory taxation and the welfare state.

Rush Limbaugh: The secular equivalent of the Anti-Christ.

George W. Bush: The stupidist man alive.

Christianity: A radical, extreme, anti-social religion whose practitioners believe in such absurdities as the existence of God, Jesus, biblical concepts of marriage, theocracy, and the non-acceptance of perversion as normal. Its adherents are commonly known as "hatemongers" in modern parlance.

Homosexuals: A harshly persecuted minority group harboring virtue superior to the majority.

Heterosexuals: Breeders. A majority group on planet Earth, engaged in merciless, unwaranted persecution of homosexuals.

Islam: A religion of peace, love, and tolerance. Closely related to Hippieism.

Jihad: A derogatory falsehood invented by evil Crusaders.

The Crusades: A vile series of unprovoked wars, in which benighted Christian Europe foisted its imperialistic expansion goals on the pacifistic indigenous Muslim peoples of the Middle East. The most wicked period in history.

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