Thursday, September 7, 2006

I for Immoral

If you enjoy pro-homosexual propaganda, empathy with terrorists, and anti-Christian messages with all the subtlety of Ebola symptoms, then I highly recommend that you go out and rent V for Vendetta, tonight.

This is the story of a wicked, totalitarian government warred against by a dashing terrorist. Played by Hugo Weaving--who does his usual fantastic job of acting--the character reveals understandable and, in some instances, virtuous motivations for his actions. Unfortunately, his tactics are just plain evil. He does not care if innocents die in the pursuit of his goals--or at least, no such intimation is made. The nutshell message, here, is the typical relativist canard: "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter."

In addition, the film pounds home the view that homosexuals are normal folks like everyone else, who just happen to find the opposite sex attractive. Three or more scenes imply this. The enemies of said lifestyle are not just portrayed as bigots, but as murderous devils.

The lowest point of the movie is its treatment of its supposed Christian characters. Only three individuals could be construed as having Christian beliefs in the story: one is the pseudo-theocracy's tyrannical leader; another is a professional propagandist for the government, known as "the voice of London"; and the third is a Catholic bishop, whom the dialogue strongly hints is a pedophile, and certainly in direct violation of his vows. Each of these people is a vile caricature, a loathsome representative of the worst anti-Christian perceptions. Not one person in the film with Christian tendencies is anything less than a villain.

I found this one of the most blatant counter-cultural movies I've ever seen--which is a shame, since the acting is good, the dialogue engaging, and the action scenes well-executed. A typical Hollywhacked outing--beginning with promise, and quickly plummeting into the moral sewers.

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