Thursday, August 3, 2006

Time Out

I received a renewal plea from Time magazine, today (I had a subscription several years ago). They offered me a senior citizen discount, which is odd, since I'm neither a senior citizen, nor have I ever intimated such to the publication's customer service personnel.

Here's the "deal" they offered: 56 issues (1 year)--with a newsstand cover price of $201.00--for $19.

$19. Can you believe that?

The letter goes on, assuring me that, if I pay now, I'll receive an additional six months of issues-- a grand-total of 84 issues--for free. Plus a bonus ultrasonic laser level, a new book titled I, Gorebot, a gold statuette of Hillary Clinton, and a Marxist decoder ring for reading between the lines. Ok, I made up the last two.

Doesn't this reek of desperation? It implies that Time isn't doing so hot. They're practically giving it away. Alas, other than spare TP, I have no use for this left-wing rag.

Maybe Time has run its course.

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