Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Infanticide: AKA: "A Woman's Right"

Abortionists investigated for possible baby murder

That is the headline title on WorldNetDaily. I kid you not. Talkin' 'bout stating the obvious. This is akin to other revelatory pieces, such as: Breaking News: German Nazis Investigated for Genocide Attempts; or This Just In: Yoda Dubbed Vertically Challenged; Senator Clinton Imp of Satan; Fat Albert Rather Obese; Post-Katrina Nawleuhns Troubled by Elevated Water Tables; or Shocking Secret Revealed: Michael Jackson Rejected by Barnum and Bailey Circus Freak Program! "He was just too much an aberration of nature," said the Bearded Lady.

I'd laugh myself silly, if the subject matter weren't so depressing. Of course abortionists murder babies; it's their stock-in-trade. They excel at it, thrive on it, and stacking 'em up like cordwood is what rolls in the big bucks for these detached "family planners." What distinguishes this story from the usual abortion-mill killings is that we're talking about a post-birth murder, not a pre-birth evacuation of formless "tissue." That's really the only difference: in the womb, or out.

The dead body of a baby who probably was born alive and then killed is just "business as usual" for the nation's abortion industry, a spokesperson for the Florida Right to Life effort told WorldNetDaily.

The discovery came after someone, perhaps a clinic worker, according to police, called 911 anonymously to report that a baby had been born alive, and was killed.

Authorities report their investigation includes the potential for homicide charges, as well as evidence tampering. The baby reportedly was 12 inches long and weighed up to three pounds, an age and weight at which premature infants can survive outside the womb.

I think this aptly demonstrates the absurdity of the ghouls who argue that terminating a child up to the day of birth is anything other than murder.

The whole situation gives new meaning to the expression: "I brought you into this world, and I'll take you out." In the interests of clarity and honesty, I vote that each abortion charnel house proudly display this on a sign above its door.

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