Saturday, August 12, 2006

Death by PC

In light of the recent hindrance of terrorists attempting to blow up Great Satan airlines, I thought I'd offer a few words:

As I've said before, 100% of the people who want to kill us are Muslims. Not 50%; not 25%. 100%. The overwhelming majority of these people come from Muslim or Middle Eastern countries. These two points are facts, not opinions, and they represent minimal observancy. If our--cough--leaders can't come to terms with these simple truths, then defeating the enemy becomes not just unlikely, but impossible. Vast military might, advanced technology, and soldiers with elite training cannot overcome common, garden-variety stupidity.

Airports now have cracked down, once again, spread-eagling little old ladies against cold, cinder-block walls, while dutiful screeners take plungers to their nether regions. Guess what, idiots? Grannies with walkers, old men with bad tickers, and WASPs aren't the problem. How many people must die horrible, preventable deaths before you get this clue through your bunker-thick skulls?

Since airports deem searches of passengers necessary, inconveniences become inevitable. So the question becomes: Will you search people who fit the terrorist profile--at least superficially--or will you continue molesting Eagle Scouts, those who braved Iwo Jima and won the Medal of Honor, red-headed, blue-eyed women, and Catholic priests with collar on full display?

It seems absurdity is as boundless as the universe itself, in modern America. Remember the Airplane! movies? There's a hilarious scene in one of those, in which an old maid walks through a metal detector at an airport. The machines beep, so the screeners halt everything and begin giving her grief. As they occupy themselves with this peril with knitting needles, a couple of fully-armed terrorists stroll through the detectors with RPGs and automatic weapons, making their way to the plane.

It was a funny scene in 1980. Who knew it would become prophetic, twenty-six years later?

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