Monday, July 10, 2006

Ahnold Is Sooo Fabulous!

I just realized I had this post waiting. I'd forgotten about it, so it's a little late:

Governor Termineggar will speak at homosexual fundraiser:

Can you imagine his speech?:

"It's ok if you'uh gurly-men. It's nobody's business. Who cares if you flounce and watch teah-jehkeh movies? Who ceahs if you hang out at bath-houses and cetch AIDS? It's nod impouhtant. We'uh all Americans. We'uh all Cah-lee-fouhnians. Dat's all dat matters.

You must crosh youh critics, see them driven befouh you, and hear de lamendations of deah wimmin.

And don't worry. Aftah I'm reelected, I'll be bahk."

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