Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Problem? What Problem?

Mayors from more than 200 U.S. cities urged President Bush and Congress on Monday to pass comprehensive immigration reform, including a guest worker program, but they could not agree on a proposal to build a 300-mile fence along the border.

Critics said the fence would harm relations between the U.S. and Mexico.

Yes, because our relations with Mexico are so cozy, at present. Reminds me of prostitution, with American businesses in the role of selling themselves.

Virginia Beach, Va., Mayor Meyera Oberndorf said the fence would be "un-American."

"We've always had open borders between Mexico and Canada, and we think that's just where it ought to stay," Oberndorf said at the group's meeting in Las Vegas.

The stupidity of this makes me laugh. "Un-American?" As opposed to what?; the deliberate dilution of our cultural mores by people who don't share or even understand our values, who have no interest in assimilation? Does that constitute "American?" The mayor would have displayed much more honesty if he'd simply declared: "I have no opinion on this matter, due to my cluelessness. In short, I'm an idiot."

I think what astounds me most about this issue is the contrast between the common sense exhibited by average Americans every day, on talk radio and in print, and the lack thereof manifest by those elected to represent us. When common folk grasp the crux of the matter better than our mayors, governors, Congress, and president, expect solutions from anywhere except our government.

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