Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Illegal Immigration's Effects

I'm a firm believer in legal immigration. I wanted that said from the outset, because I don't want to come across as a xenophobe. And, like others of similar mindset in the blogosphere, I believe that anyone who so wishes should be able to leave the U.S., no questions asked. That said, a nation has a right to control its own borders. The government's raison d'etre is to protect its citizens from foreign invasion. In my view, this is impossible, without a firm control of the border situation. Illegal immigrations should not be tolerated. Not for a second. Any government refusing to address such a problem has no interest in protecting its citizens. Period. And all the rhetoric to the contrary won't change this fact.

Let's look at some of the consequences of illegal immigration:

1. Open borders allow terrorists--al Quaida and other groups--free reign in the commission of atrocities.

2. U.S. citizens living near the Mexican border face home invasions and robberies regularly, perpetrated by illegal aliens.

3. U.S. law enforcement officers on or near the Mexican border sustain frequent attacks by illegal criminals and Mexican drug-lord bounty hunters.

4. Mexican military, paramilitary groups, and police have made armed incursions into our country, often engaging American authorities.

5. The Mexican government encourages its poor, its crime, and its drugs to move North of the border. A passing of the buck, if you will. Why should the Mexican government have to reform, when they can toss the hot potato to someone else?

6. Health care and insurance costs for U.S. citizens have skyrocketed because of uninsured illegals who cannot legally be denied medical care in our country.

7. Illegal aliens with fraudulent work permits are taking jobs from U.S. citizens.

8. Our uniquely American culture is experiencing degredation, due to an influx of people who have no interest in assimilating or becoming loyal to our founding principles. All too often, immigrants come here to milk the system.

The list goes on. If you want to come here and become an American, and give your loyalty to our principles of liberty and rugged individualism, then I welcome you. God bless you. But if you're here to get on welfare, or otherwise sponge off our taxpayers, or to receive that operation, or to make a buck to send back to your senorita--and that's all--then git! I don't want you here, and we don't need you here. We're not obligated to roll bellyup for the rest of the world. Your governments have a responsibility to you, to allow you a chance to make a life for yourselves. I suggest you make them see the light. If this sounds mean, then so be it. I'm not interested in seeing the country of my birth, the land that I love, annihilated for your benefit.

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