Monday, August 16, 2004

Chronicles of Riddick

I have to admit, I enjoyed this movie. It offered a little something for everyone: great effects, nonstop action, scathing remarks, and a devil-may-care attitude on the main character's part. I'd call it imaginative, big, dumb fun. Very entertaining.

It had its flaws, though. For one, Riddick's enemies--the Necromongers--were not fully explained. Their leader kept mentioning an "underverse," of which he never gave more than a fleeting description. And at one point, Riddick finds himself in a prison, where the guards occasionally release monsters into the cell-blocks to feed on the inmates. In a bizarre turn, no explanation of this is given. Other smaller mysteries plagued the film, so if you're hoping to walk away with every question answered neatly, sorry; it ain't gonna happen. That said, it's fun watching a man wreak havoc on evil people, all the while caring little if he lives or dies. Kind of liberating, in a way.


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