Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Southern Baptist Convention Kowtows to Government

From WorldNet Daily:

"Saying the church must not usurp parents' authority in the home, the Southern Baptist Convention today voted down a resolution that urged members to pull their children out of government schools."

Yep, we wouldn't want all those children deprived of a liberal indoctrination, now would we?


Anonymous said...

I decided to come over and see what the fuss was about! I actually think the pressures were more monetary. They didn't want to alienate their constituency and their pocketbooks. I got to thinking about it, and there is a huge SB church less than 5 minutes from my old high school. Tons of students and teachers that I knew went there. So if they told the parents to stop sending the kids to PS, what would they have said to all of the people employed by them? Anyway, I don't belong to a SBC, so it really isn't my fight, but I think they should have brought the matter up in church announcements as a recommendation, not a mandate, and it would have caused a lot of people to act. Overall, though, the best way is for the churches themselves to start schools affordable enough for their members, so people will want to send their kids there.


Wes said...

RJK, nice to see ya.

You made some good points, especially about starting affordable Christian schools, and making reccommendations, instead of mandates. That said, folks need to decide what's more important: money or principle?