Friday, September 2, 2011

How Like a Plague

A LIBYAN father killed his three daughters after pro-Gaddafi soldiers raped them, in an attempt to rid the family of the shame, a human rights group says.

Soldiers raped the sisters aged 15, 17 and 18 , in the town of Tomina, east Libya, US-based Physicians for Human Rights said.

When they returned home, their father slit their throats in what the rights group said was most likely an honour killing.

Our government tells us that Muslims are just like us -- that they value the same things, long for freedom just as we do, love their children, and want to live their lives in peace with the rest of the world. Then we read stories such as the above putridity, wherein a man murders his own daughters because they had the audacity to let men rape them. What kind of sick, twisted, devil-inspired mind would support bringing down the hammer of vengeance not on the perpetrators of the crime, but on the victims? If the word "satanic" describes any real-world scenario, this is it.

The worst part is that murder of the innocent isn't even unusual in the Islamic world. It happens all the time. Violence is as commonplace as fruit in an orchard. Everywhere on Earth that Muslims rub shoulders with non-Muslims violence erupts, usually initiated by Muhammed's Maniacs. Yet our leaders keep letting them into our country by the tens of thousands. They assure us that these demons in the flesh can be democratized -- as if democracy is an end unto itself, not just a means to an end. They throw our young men and women at this insoluble problem and waste their lives, in hellholes like Afghanistan and Iraq.

I'm tired of the seeming invincible idiocy of those in charge. I'm fed up with the lies and the refusal to learn from history, current events, or Islamic "scripture." We should bar the Religion of Hate and War and Death from our shores. We should close our borders and send them packing back to the hives of insanity whence they came. Let the savages fend for themselves.The plague of Islam has offered the human race nothing of note beyond violence and misery for 1,400 years. Pray for them. Send missionaries amongst them. But keep them away from our people and our lands. You may pray for the killer. You may even visit him in his domain and strive to help him see the errors of his ways. But only a madman invites him into his home and calls him family.

Therein lies self-destruction.

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