Saturday, May 7, 2011

Down on the Corner

Early in the morning
Round about praying time,
Barry runs down to the mosque
And gets himself in line.
Waiting for the Mahdi,
Brand-new world to come;
But if you think he's Muslim, well,
You're a racist scum.

Down on the corner,
Out in the street,
Barry and the goat boys are praying.
Hating infidels is neat.

You don't need a long-form
Just to hang around;
But if you've got a fake one,
Won't you lay that booger down?
'Round here we ain't picky
'Bout where you were birthed:
Kalamazoo or Timbuktoo,
Mars, Pluto, or Earth.

Down on the corner,
Out in the street,
Bammy and the aliens are cooking.
Sauteed birthers sure taste sweet.

Let's go get bin Laden.
Kill him till he's dead.
Put a bullet through his beard
And another in his head.
You don't need no snapshots
Or Youtube video.
You'll just have to take the word
Of the Magical Negro.

Down on the corner,
Out in the street,
"Barry in 2012," they're saying.
"Rigged elections can't be beat!"

With apologies to Creedance Clearwater Revival

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