Monday, April 11, 2011

See My Hat? Now Watch Me Talk Through It

Have you seen/heard Obama's budget speech from April 8? Here's a link with the full transcript and video of his address.

The video clocks in at just under four minutes. I remember thinking as I watched the speech on T.V. that this guy doesn't even believe in the fertilization properties of the malodorous meadow muffins he's throwing at us. Put another way, he doesn't buy his own crap.

Watch the speech, and pay careful attention to his body language, posture, tone, and most importantly, his eyes. He knows he's full of it, having about as much interest in talking up America as I do in piercing my nose with a rusted nail -- and it probably pains him about the same.

I want to call attention to one short paragraph in his platitude session:

At the same time, we also made sure that at the end of the day, this was a debate about spending cuts, not social issues like women’s health and the protection of our air and water. These are important issues that deserve discussion, just not during a debate about our budget.

Let me translate Obama's biased rhetoric: by "women's health," he means the important, God-given and constitutional right to slaughter one's unborn child; "protection of our air and water" is code for a policy of pleasing pantheists and helping the third world get ahead -- at the expense of U.S. citizens, of course. By all means, such matters should stay far off the table in discussions pertaining to spending cuts.

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