Friday, April 29, 2011

Initial Thoughts on Obama's "Birth Certificate"

I'm sure you know by now that The Vaunted One has released a document that looks like a birth certificate from Hawaii. As for its authenticity, I see three possible angles on the issue:

1. It's fake. After all, he has had three years to perpetrate a fraud.

2. It's genuine, but has received alterations.

3. It's genuine, period.

My instincts tell me that (1.) or (2.) are the most likely scenarios, due to the time-frame and willful cover up involved. Politicians do not pay legal teams gigantic sums of money for the purpose of suppressing information from rightful public scrutiny for no reason. If you believe otherwise, you're probably one of those types who also accepts that certain shifty-eyed adults stalk little children in public parks because they love handing out candy. The whole situation stinks to high heaven, and everyone except blind Obamautomatons and those with the curiosity level of a stump knows it.

The paramount question in my mind is, "What took so long?" The answer seems obvious, and it is two-fold: World Net Daily and Donald Trump.

In the first case, we have a news organization that doggedly went where no man has gone before, that stood at the forefront of the matter since the beginning. Editor Joseph Farah's relentless digging led to a book written by Jerome Corsi, "Where's the Birth Certificate?", which already is a bestseller in pre-orders, despite a May 17 release date.

In the second case, we have a member of the monied elite and a significant television celebrity spending the last month or longer going after Obama with the same level of determination as that exhibited by World Net Daily. I don't know if I would vote for Trump for president, but I'd definitely vote for him for the position of dog-catcher, given his persistence -- which is more than I can say for Obama.

A little context: Obama did not fulfill his obligation and release his birth certificate to the American people during the presidential election cycle of 2008. Nor did he release it to Congress. Nor did he release it to federal or state election officials. Nor did he release it to the media -- mainstream or otherwise. Nor did he release it when questions arose in the political arena. Nor did he release it when citizens filed multiple lawsuits against him for its concealment. Nor did he release it when he came to the realization that defending himself from those lawsuits and keeping the document buried would cost him a pretty penny. Nor did he release it when doing so would have kept Army surgeon Lieutenant Colonel Terry Lakin from languishing in jail for six months (Obama's attitude toward the military in a nutshell: "Theirs not to make reply, Theirs not to reason why, Theirs but to do and die"). Nor did he release it when the controversy stretched into weeks, then months, and now years. Three years.

Take one celebrity bulldog beating him to a pulp like Ali in a fistfight with Stevie Wonder that lasts weeks, one online newspaper promising a revelatory book targeting Obama's obfuscation that Joseph Farah calls a "game-changer," and add fundraising season to the pot. Mix well, and what you have is a recipe that calls for damage control.

Suddenly that gnat flitting around his ear became a maddened hornet. Simple reality stung him. What once posed a minor irritation became a major problem, manifesting itself in this result of a recent Gallup poll: only 38% of respondents declared that they think he definitely was born in the U.S.A. Poll numbers of this nature don't elicit confidence in one's fundraising capabilities, which translate into reelection prospects.

Despite the establishment media's' assurance that everything is copacetic, we know that's not the case. Rank arrogance, a sense of self-entitlement, and a belief that he is above the law brought Obama to his current destination. He shouldn't complain about the lumpiness of the bed he has made.

Obama thinks he's better than you, and he thinks he's better than me. To him, we're nothing but serfs. How dare we question his will to power?

The media believe Obama's release of his birth certificate settles the matter; but as the Carpenters might say, "we've only just begun." Now the real eligibility questions begin, for we still have the sad fact in front of us that no vetting process ever took place. That's as true now as it was in 2008.

It's also true that the media cannot be relied upon to tell the truth and hold Obama's feet to the fire, because they've busied themselves carrying water for him for the past three years. Most media outlets consider Obama "their guy," what with around four-fifths of journalists voting Democrat. It's funny that the simpering Chris Matthews -- an individual who feels a thrill sizzle through his gonadal region every time Obama blows him a kiss -- thinks we just should accept what he says, as if he's an objective authority on anything.

Let me reiterate that I'm skeptical about the authenticity of Obama's birth document. I have good reasons for my doubts, given Obama's long, sordid history of deceptions. A person could write an entire book providing nothing but a litany of his lies, but I'm supposed to embrace his prodigal birth certificate as holy writ? I don't think so. I'm nowhere near that gullible.

Obama doesn't seem to understand that he cannot gain and keep a person's trust, while doing everything in his power to arouse his suspicions. That's not how the real world works.

One final observation: Obama's release of his long-form birth certificate -- fake or not -- proves that the press was lying or speaking from a foundation of ignorance when they insisted that Obama had released his birth certificate online. One cannot release a document to the public for the very first time, if that document already was available on a website. So the "birthers" stand vindicated, in that they were proven correct.

I'm confident that the truth will see the light of day -- not a carbon-copy of the truth, but the real truth of the matter, in good time.

Patience is a virtue.

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