Monday, March 28, 2011

A Manifestation of a Dying West

US troops in Germany have been banned from wearing their military uniforms in public in the wake of the Frankfurt Airport shooting that left two American airmen dead and two seriously injured.

A 21-year-old Muslim man of Kosovar background, Arid Uka, was arrested for the attack.

Holy frankfurter, Batman, is that stupid, or what? There's so much wrong with this picture, it's hard knowing where to begin.

First, it doesn't speak well for the state of modern Germany that American troops have to worry about being attacked and murdered in the streets by non-German Muslims.

Second, what's next? Should they don German military uniforms and goose-step up and down the sidewalks? Maybe they should scream "Ich bin Deutsch!" every thirty seconds when outside the base, or "Ich bin nicht ein Amerikaner!" Given the Nazi-like tendencies of Muslims, another possible solution is a T-shirt with the words "Ich liebe Hitler!" emblazoned across the front. Of course, the downside is that those blonde, blue-eyed Aryans might rip you to pieces for dredging up their eternal shame and rubbing it in their faces. Not to mention the likelihood that the Kosovar doesn't speak German, anyhow. In which case your last act on Earth would be convincing a bunch of foreigners that you think death camps are pretty swell.

Third, since when do Muslims only froth after military personnel? I realize that wearing the uniform increases the risk, but plenty of Muslims like killing Americans because they are Americans, or westerners because they are westerners, or anyone who has the audacity not to revere every word and unmentionable deed of their holy sand-flea, camel-spit be upon his name.

Fourth, does this policy project strength -- or weakness? Telling our soldiers that they cannot wear the uniform off-base sends this message to Muslims: we are weak, and we fear you.

It's time that we bring our men and women back from Germany. They should have been called home a long time ago.

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