Friday, January 28, 2011

January 28 Headline Reactions

Roof collapse blamed on pigeon droppings

Whatta load of crap


Sleeping with pets exposes owners to nasty diseases

Sorry, Abdul.


Woman falls 23 stories, lands on taxi, survives

When she yells, "Taxi!" she means it.


New couples who Facebook each other end up in bed quicker

That's because they're tired from all that instant massaging.


'The Green Hornet': Desperately seeking God

They finally made a sequel to Deperately Seeking Susan.


Not all energy boosts are equal

Yes, they are. But some are more equal than others.


Travelers from other planets ... or from hell?

If this is a question pertaining to Algore or Obama, I don't think it offers a false dichotomy. The answer fully explains why no one can find Obama's birth certificate.


Michael Savage on what's 'trickling' from Obama

That's just nasty.

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