Saturday, June 26, 2010

Stinko de Mexico

A new federal civil-rights lawsuit is targeting officials at Live Oak High School in the Morgan Hill Unified District in California for demanding that students not wear pro-USA shirts to class on the Mexican Cinco de Mayo holiday.

The filing accuses Assistant Principal Miguel Rodriguez of telling Dianna Dariano, when asked whether this country is not America, "Not today, we need to give them (Mexicans) their day today."
(emphasis added)

This is the inevitable result of importing massive numbers of people from countries that do not share our language, culture, heritage, or values.

That California schools are celebrating a Mexican holiday that has zero significance in America tells you all you need to know about the nature of mass immigration / invasion in this country. The surreality of the situation is what one would expect after falling down the rabbit hole, or stepping through the looking glass. Mere words cannot impart its absurdity.

The next time someone assures you that millions of third worlders can and will assimilate, remember this tale, and how it and numerous other stories exemplify the opposite.

We are not assimilating them; they are assimilating us, with the blessings of our treasonous elites. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a brazen ignoramus or a despicable liar.

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