Thursday, March 25, 2010

This Is a Big F@#$%&^ Deal

First, Joe Biden dropped the F - word on national television, as a prologue to the Maoist Messiah signing socialism into law under the deliberate misnomer of "health care reform." Given the multitude of cameras and microphones present, it's clear that Biden's utterance illuminates not only his morality, but his intelligence -- or lack thereof.

Now, we have the privilege of watching him joke unrepentantly about his indiscretion, and mentioning Obama's description of his remark as the "best thing" about the enshrining of socialism.

So we have two lewd statists -- not statesmen -- who find the whole matter amusing. I see nothing of leadership or decorum in these proceedings.

What I do see are two smug, evil elitists who believe they are smarter than you, better than you, and more capable of determining what is best for you and your family than you are. And they're perfectly willing to defecate on your liberty in carrying out their vile agenda.

Neither of these two are fit to lick the boots of the lowliest member of our founding generation.

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