Friday, November 6, 2009

The Sacred Other Shows Its Taste for Blood. . .Again

It seems that a Muslim attacked Ft. Hood on November 5, killing 12 and wounding 31, at last count.

Can you imagine how startled I was at this revelation? One of Muhammed's Peaceniks?! Why, I never! After all, Muslims exploding in violence -- both literally and figuratively -- only happens everywhere that Allah's Amiables rub shoulders with dirty, rotten infide -- uh, I mean, non - Muslims. It's a recent development, too, having started just before A.D. 632. That's shy of 1,400 years; by the standards of deep time, we're talking yesterday.

This blindsided me like a mujahid on camelback -- a scimitar - chop to my comfort zone.

Now let's watch the media transform this fellow from a prayer - rug - prostrating, shahada - babbling, goat - amourizing jihadi, into a Tennessee redneck who voted for Reagan, has a gun rack in his pickup, and believes the South will rise again.

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